What is Forbidden in Thailand? What to Know Before You Travel

August 02, 2022 3 min read

If you plan to visit Thailand, there are a few things you should avoid. Don't wear anything too revealing or you may encounter monks on the subway. Also, beware of tuk-tuk scams! Read on for more information. What is forbidden in Thailand? Do they have rules for setting up a picnic? Learn about the laws and regulations to avoid being a victim of crimes.

Avoiding Revealing Outfits

During your vacation to Thailand, you should avoid wearing revealing outfits. Though the heat and humidity are great for bathing and sunbathing, Thai culture is a conservative one. Wearing too much skin is considered disrespectful by the locals. Avoid wearing spaghetti strapped tops or very short shorts, nor wear a topless sundress. Instead, choose comfortable clothing made from breathable materials such as cotton.

Unlike other parts of the world, Thailand has strict dress codes and laws. In some areas, this means that men should wear long trousers and collared shirts. It also means that they should wear no open-toed shoes. Women should also avoid wearing revealing outfits, especially when they are out shopping. Fortunately, Thailand is a conservative country, but there are still a few things to keep in mind when dressing modestly.

Avoiding Monks on the Subway

When taking the subway in Thailand, you need to be aware of the rules to avoid being bothered by monks. Monks are expected to give up their seats, so pointing at them with your feet is frowned upon. You are also expected to stand still during the national anthem at 8am and 6pm. The Thai people are extremely respectful of their monarchy, so do not insult or be rude to them.

If you happen to be a female tourist in Thailand, you should avoid coming into contact with Buddhist monks. Women aren't allowed to touch monks and you should not sit next to them on public transportation. If you do happen to run into a Buddhist monk, you should put your items on the floor for him to take. If you are a woman, you should leave his place, as he may think that you are trying to touch him.

Avoiding Drug Offences

If you're thinking about traveling to Thailand, you'll want to avoid drug offenses, and a good place to start is at the border, where the criminal justice system is notorious for its harsh response to drug offences. The inflammatory rhetoric of government officials and local media has contributed to the normalisation of these harsh responses. The 'zero tolerance' model of drug prosecution has resulted in a draconian criminal justice system with unintended consequences, and a focus on political agendas over the principles of transparency and proportionality.

The Thai criminal law is very different from Canadian criminal law, which can increase the stress factor and create practical problems. Criminals can be detained without official charges for up to 48 hours. While the alleged offender is entitled to bail, this is rare. Also, there is no jury system in Thailand, and the death penalty applies to certain crimes, including drug offences. If you are arrested for any of these crimes, you can expect to face a minimum penalty of THB200,000 to two million, depending on the severity of the crime.

Avoiding Tuk-Tuk Scams

Whether you're traveling to the countryside or the city, tuk-tuk scams are a constant nuisance in Bangkok. Many tourists get ripped off by shady drivers who take them to out of the way destinations and then charge outrageous prices to return to the city. To avoid getting ripped off, negotiate the price before riding a tuk-tuk. A friendly smile can indicate a trustworthy driver.

Another way to avoid tuk-tuk scams is to insist on seeing the driver's photo ID and photo on the dashboard. If the driver is unwilling to turn on his meter, get out and demand to see it. You can also demand to use the meter in Thai when you're in the hotel. Similarly, avoid booking long-haul buses. These routes can lead to disaster if you're ripped off.

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