What Is It Like to Get Barreled?

July 10, 2022 4 min read

Getting barreled is a unique experience, one that will slow time and make you feel as if water is surrounding you. You have to see the lip of the barrel over your head, the light shining through, and the difference in sound when surrounded by water. There are many things to experience in a barrel before attempting to cast. Below are some things to keep in mind before trying this new experience.

Ace Buchan

In this episode, David and Chas talk about the mental maladies that plague the western world, the recent murder of a local surf school owner, and the possibility of ten to twelve foot barrels at the Billabong Pro. They also celebrate the non-retirement announcement from Ace Buchan, and identify a space-time continuum portal located in Tahiti. And last but not least, they discuss barrel or nah.

The author Andrew Buchan is an avid surfer and uses his profile to promote his causes. Born in Gosford, New South Wales, Buchan spent his early childhood in the town of Avoca Beach, a small town with consistently good beach breaks and an epic point break. Like many other locals, Ace Buchan is an active member of the local boardriders club, which boasts an impressive representation on the world tour. It is home to Macy Callaghan, Matt Wilkinson, Wade Carmichael, and Andrew Buchan, among other surfers.

George Greenough

Films like George Greenough's "What is it like to be barred?" are a rare and compelling experience. Greenough underwent open-heart surgery at the age of 10 and became an out-of-this-world figure. His skin was remarkably thin, he had narrow shoulders, and his hair was often stringy blonde and resin-stained. He loved solitude and surf breaks, and he later relocated to Byron Bay, Australia.

Until then, the only way to see barrel surfing was through photographs. In 1968, the craze was surfing and barreling was considered an extraordinary feat. After Greenough captured the first images from inside a barrel, other surfers aspired to replicate the technique. The film also gave the world an unprecedented insight into the difficulty of barrel surfing, as filmed by several pro surfers.

Ticket to Ride Indonesia

If you've ever been on a Ticket to Ride tour, you've likely heard about the phenomenon known as "barreling." It's a surfer's dream, but the difficulty is often too great to achieve. For those of us who don't have a lot of experience or talent, barrelling in a big wave is much like being barrelled: The thrill is in the ride, but mental strength is just as important. Confidence is everything. You have to have the belief that you're going to make it out of the tube.

Punta Mita

If you're a beginner surfer, heading to Punta Mita during winter is a good idea. Punta Mita receives swells from the North West Pacific and these waves curve around the southern parts of the beach. Beginners should go during winter to catch the best barrels. For advanced surfers, try the waves in summer. For a more challenging experience, try barrel surfing.

If you're not quite ready for a professional surf lesson, don't fret: Punta Mita has plenty of local surf lessons that are taught by ISA certified instructors. They'll also provide you with pro surfboards and teach you all the basics of getting barreled. If you're an occasional surfer, Punta Mita is a great place to learn to barrel and tube.

Banyak Islands

Getting barreled in the Banyak Islands is a unique experience. Banyak is Indonesia's name for "many", and the island chain boasts beautiful azure waters, glittering coral reefs, and a lack of crowds. This tropical island chain is also less commercialised than its nearby neighbours, which lends it a certain sense of mystery and adventure. It is a perfect destination for all levels of surfer, as the waves are so perfect that the island chain is relatively undiscovered.

The Banyak Islands are located 60 miles off the coast of northwest Sumatra, and are home to two main islands: Treasure Island of the Bay. The Banyak Islands have numerous surf breaks, many of which are nameless. The vast array of surf breaks on the island make it suitable for a variety of surfing levels. Regardless of your level, you'll find the perfect break in the Banyaks.

Home Break

If you've ever dreamed of surfing on a barrel, you've probably heard of it. But what exactly is it? And how do you get barreled? First, you must understand that a barrel is a long wave that is shaped like a "C" or "L." The wave should be overhead and fairly large, but it does not have to be that big. It must be about waist high to about shoulder high, but the right conditions will make this possible.

Barreling is the holy grail of surfing and is considered the ultimate thrill for most surfers. Ticket to Ride's crew has been credited with barrelling a mini tube in Indonesia, while Kelly Slater has been dipped in the thick Tahitian tube of death. It is difficult to pin point where one's personal best is and why it is so rare, but barrelling is definitely possible.

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