What Is the Cost of the Most Expensive Waterproof Phone Case?

August 31, 2022 3 min read

If you are planning to buy a waterproof case for your smartphone, you must consider a few important factors. For example, the case must be able to fit the model of your phone. You can read reviews on Amazon to determine the compatibility of the case with your phone. Most of these cases are inexpensive and easy to return. This will help you buy the most waterproof case for your phone. There are also options for waterproof iPad case.

Willbox Professional Diving Case

While the majority of smartphone waterproof cases only protect your device to six feet under water, the Willbox Professional Diving Case offers 50-foot protection. It also features two cameras - a back and a front one, so you can capture beautiful underwater photos and video. Although it's expensive, the Willbox is worth the extra money for the additional protection it offers. This case is a great investment for any underwater photographer.


The Ghostek Waterproof Phone Case protects your smartphone from water and dust, while still allowing it to show off its slim design. Its IP68 certified design protects against immersion in water and dust. It features a scratch-resistant screen guard and a thick, durable frame. The slim design makes it a great accessory for everyday life, and it also comes in a variety of color choices. Whether you're staking out nefarious characters or cooking steak with your family, this case is the perfect solution for your needs.


There are several reasons why the best waterproof phone case is worth its price. One of these is its high quality. The material used for CaliCase is of the highest quality, with a double layer of PVC protecting the phone. It also comes in a wide variety of colors and has an integrated lanyard so that you can easily keep your phone secure while you're out and about.

Pelican Go Case

The Pelican Go Case is one of the most expensive waterproof phone cases available. It is built to withstand 3 feet of water, and is shock-absorbing and crush-proof. It features a smartphone divider tray, credit-card pockets, and a cord management strap. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Unlike many waterproof phone cases, the Pelican Go Case is completely waterproof.

Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Case

The Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Case is a water-resistant phone pouch that is perfect for smartphones up to 7 inches in size. It is made of polyvinyl chloride and is IPX8-certified. The case is also waterproof to 100 feet. It has a detachable lanyard and solid attachment point. The lanyard can be adjusted to keep the phone safe even while underwater. One drawback of the case is that it does not work with in-display fingerprint readers.

Vansky Floatable Waterproof Case

The Vansky Floatable Waterproof Case is a waterproof phone case with full touchscreen functionality. This ipx8-certified case is fully submersible up to 30 meters and 100 feet. It is fully compatible with most smartphones. The case has built-in pockets for charging cables, chargers, and other essentials. The waterproof case features a soft, non-slip inner lining to protect your smartphone from accidental falls.


The Aquapac waterproof phone case protects your phone from water's force and splashes. However, it doesn't work with fingerprint recognition. You'll have to use a passcode to unlock the phone. You can use the front facing camera instead to unlock it. It also doesn't support fingerprint recognition, so if you need to use your fingerprint to unlock the phone, you'll have to use the front-facing camera.

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