What is the Cost of the Rolex Diving Watch?

July 31, 2022 3 min read

If you are interested in purchasing a Rolex diving watch, you may be wondering how much they cost. This article will give you some information about the price of Sea-Dweller models, as well as the cost of maintaining a Deep-Sea Special. There are many advantages to purchasing a Rolex diving watch, but how much should you expect to spend? Most of dive watches are expensive.

Price of a Rolex Diving Watch

You will find various models and materials used to make Rolex diving watches. For instance, you can get a stainless steel Rolex Submariner or one with a yellow gold or white gold bezel. You can also find steel, yellow gold, or white gold versions of the Sea-Dweller. There are twelve different versions of the Submariner in each material. There is a wide range of prices for these models.

Submariners are one of the most affordable options in the Submariner collection. They start at around $8,500, and the most affordable Submariner Date ref. 16610 costs about $10,500. The price of green bezel Submariners is slightly higher than their black bezel counterparts, though the difference isn't too great. The main components of a Submariner diving watch have remained the same for many years.

Price of a Sea-Dweller

The Price of a Sea-Dweller from Rolex varies greatly depending on the type and model. The first Sea-Dweller was water resistant to 2,000 feet. Rolex then doubled the water resistance to 4,000 feet, added sapphire crystal, and changed the bezel to be unidirectional. In 2009, the Sea-Dweller was discontinued, but Rolex revived it with a Cerachrom ceramic bezel and a bigger 43mm case. The D-Blue version has an additional price of $12,900.

A Sea-Dweller Rolex diving wristwatch can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $22,000, depending on the brand and model. Used models can cost much less than new ones, but it's best to read up on the seller before buying a used Sea-Dweller. Beware of unscrupulous dealers, as they can trick you into buying a convincing knockoff for much less than the genuine article.

Cost to Maintain a Sea-Dweller

How to care for a Sea-Dweller RoleX diving watch? You should keep it in good condition. Regular inspections and servicing should keep its value. This Rolex dive watch has a high price tag. However, it is worth the money. There are several reasons for this. These include the fact that it has an extreme depth rating. You should check the model you're considering before you spend money on it.

The most important factor in the cost of maintenance is the model. The case of a Sea-Dweller is made of high-quality ceramic. Hence, its durability will last for a long time. It has been tested at the deepest levels. The watch can withstand a pressure of up to three thousand meters. It also features an extra-large rotor, which makes it a great choice for scuba divers. Check out for other prices and models of dive watches.

Price of a Deep-Sea Special

If you are looking to buy a Deep-Sea Special Rolexes, you've probably been wondering how much it costs. Rolex has been notoriously secretive about production numbers and other aspects of their history. But you don't need to worry because only five of the watches were ever sold to the public. One example of a Deep-Sea Special is on display in the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco.

There's a chance you might even be able to purchase one. Christie's is having an auction this November in Geneva of the very first Deep-Sea Special. The watch has a pre-sale estimate of between two and four million Swiss Francs. While the number of Deep-Sea Specials sold at the Christie's auction are not listed online, they are worth more than a million dollars. Interested in who invented dive watches? Read us for more answers.

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