What Is the Deepest Dive Watch?

August 23, 2022 3 min read

So, what is the deepest dive watch? This article covers several popular watches designed for the water, including OMEGA's Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep, the Blancpain X Fathoms, the Rolex Sea-Dweller, and the TAG Heuer 2000 Series Aquagraph chronograph. We'll also briefly touch on the many different kinds of timepieces that are suitable for the deepest dives. Divers can dive with a 100m watch if it's suitable for the depth of water they are going in.

Omega's Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep

The new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep is a diving watch that is made with a titanium or steel case. It is available in eight variations, including one with a rubber strap. Both titanium and steel models use the same case construction, with the steel models able to accommodate either a steel bracelet or a rubber strap. The case construction is conventional, with the exception of the sapphire crystal, which is made with a patented liquidmetal material.

This watch's design and construction are inspired by a viewport assembly found in a submersible. As a result, the dial and hands have a rounded shape, similar to those on a submersible. The conical design of the watch's load-bearing components also help the watch evenly distribute immense pressure. This means that it will last for hundreds of years, while also requiring little maintenance.

Blancpain X Fathoms

The Blancpain X Fathoms is a new watch which addresses these issues in two ways. First, it has a central seconds hand. The second hand is used as a depth gauge. The depth gauge measures the overall depth from zero to ninety meters and the final zero to fifteen meters. The dial is also engraved with the depth in millimeters. Both of these features make it an excellent choice for people who dive for a living.

The Blancpain X Fathoms is 24mm thick and has 14 points of articulation. The X Fathoms uses mechanical movements as opposed to quartz depth gauges, which is why it's a serious dive watch. Besides being water resistant, the Blancpain X Fathoms has other excellent features such as luminescence, antimagnetic protection, and robustness.

Rolex Sea-Dweller

The Rolex Sea-Dweller is a classic and incredibly durable dive watch. Its first version, the Single Red, is water resistant to 500 metres, but its double-red dial allows it to withstand pressure at a depth of 3900 meters. In 2012, James Cameron and the National Geographic Society partnered to send a submersible to the Challenger Deep, the deepest point in the world's oceans. The crew was equipped with a special Rolex Sea-Dweller, strapped to the robotic arm of the submersible. Their seven-hour dive was the first ever recorded, and the watch was able to maintain perfect time even under the immense pressure of the ocean.

The Sea-Dweller has been around for nearly four decades and first released in the 1970s. The original model had a depth of 2,000 feet, but Rolex increased the size to 3,300 feet in 2014. In addition to doubling its water-resistance rating, the Sea-Dweller also features a chronograph, Cyclops date magnification lens, and sapphire crystal.

Tag Heuer's 2000 Series Aquagraph Chronograph

Unlike many other watches, Tag Heuer's Aquagraph chronograph is built to withstand the most extreme pressures of the deep ocean. This 21st century manufacture produces a watch that is nearly ten times stronger than a standard analog one. The patented auto-lock turning bezel helps ensure its waterproofness to more than 4,000 meters. Its durability is also the key to making it the deepest dive watch on the market.

The Aquagraph's dial is slightly gloss black and features inset sub-dials for the time, minute and chronograph functions. The central seconds hand is yellow with an arrow tip. Sub-dials 6 and 9 feature a 12-hour chronograph totalizer and 24-hour indicator. These are the only sub-dials with a day or date function. Does 100m mean that watch is waterproof? Check out more articles for the answer.

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