What Is the Difference Between Inboard and Closed Bow Wakeboard Boats?

September 17, 2022 3 min read

When you're deciding between closed-bow and open-bow wakeboard boats, it's important to understand some key differences between them. While some of the differences are obvious, there are some other considerations that can make the difference between one type of boat and another. These include Deadrise, Engine placement, Size, Power and Price of the boat.


Deadrise is an important aspect of boat performance that determines the softness of the ride. It can be measured at different points on a boat, with the most common measurement being the transom. The deadrise of an inboard boat is more than that of a closed bow wake boat.

When shopping for a boat, make sure to check the deadrise. This is a spec that most manufacturers publish. It is usually the highest point on the bow above the waterline. The higher the deadrise, the better the boat will perform in extreme conditions.

Closed bow wake boats are typically easier to handle than inboard boats. They can be trimmed to produce a different wake shape. Many of these boats have an electrically operated folding tower, as well as GPS speed control.

Engine Placement

A key difference between inboard and closed bow wake boats is engine placement. The inboard boat typically has the engine in the middle of the boat, while the closed bow boat has the engine at the back of the vessel. This is a good compromise for weight distribution and allows room for a mid-cabin or other amenities. Inboard boats usually have larger engines.

When deciding between an inboard or closed bow wake boat, you must consider which type of engine is best for you. An inboard, direct-drive engine, and a V-drive inboard, will create similar sized wakes, as long as they have the proper weight. An inboard also has a lower freeboard, reducing their weight capacity and giving them a wetter ride.


The size difference between inboard boats and closed bow wakeboats is minimal. Inboard boats are typically lighter and are designed with an inboard engine located in the center or rear. They are designed for speed and water displacement, and most have wakeshaping plates that slide or swing down from either side of the transom. A wakeshaping plate keeps the weight configuration consistent on each set of waves.

The biggest difference between inboard and closed bow wake boats comes down to how much space they have in the wake area. Inboard boats feature smaller wakes, while closed bow wake boats are much larger and have a wider wake area. Traditional inboard boats have an engine and props placed at the center of the open cockpit. This design helps keep the boat's center of gravity lower, which improves water safety. Inboard boats have the advantage of less drag and more speed, and the hull has room for easy access to the engine.


An inboard wake boat has an engine on the inside of the hull while a closed bow wake board has an engine on the outside. In general, an inboard is faster and more maneuverable. A closed bow wake boat, on the other hand, is more stable and offers better ride quality.

Generally, closed bow wake boats cost between $30000 and $50000. The exact price will depend on the size and features of the boat. Other factors that determine the price include length, engine type, and number of people on board. For a beginner, the type of wake boat that's right for them is not critical.

A 17-footer powered by a 3.0L engine will suffice for a couple, but for strenuous use, a higher engine is needed.


If you are shopping for a wakeboard boat, you may wonder how much the price difference is between an inboard boat and a closed bow boat. This question will vary depending on the size of the boat and the additional features you want. You should also consider the additional costs of fuel, maintenance, storage for wakeboards and equipment. You should try to find an average price before making a decision. You can do this by looking at similar boats and talking to dealers.

The inboard boat typically has a higher price tag than a closed bow wake boat. This difference is due to the engine's location on the boat. Inboard wakeboard boats are lighter and have a center or rear engine. They are also more stable. They can carry more people and feature more features.

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