What Not to Do While Snorkeling

May 23, 2022 3 min read

As a snorkeler, you should know what not to do. In this article, you will learn how to prevent bad behavior. Do not call out bad behavior to marine life. Also, do not touch objects on the surface of the water. Swimming in rip-tides is also not recommended. Read these tips and use them to stay safe. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your buddy.

Avoid Touching Marine Life

You may have heard the phrase, "Avoid touching marine life while snorkeling." But why is this so important? There are many reasons, including the fact that marine animals and plants have natural defenses. When you touch them, you can spread diseases and contaminate their tissues, so it is never a good idea. In addition, touching them can also make them vulnerable to predators, and they may suffer from infections.

Avoid Calling Out Bad Behavior

The first thing to remember while snorkeling is that marine animals are sensitive to physical and noise disturbances, so you should keep your distance from them. Even bigger animals should be kept at a safe distance of several meters, but closeness is only acceptable if the animal approaches you. It is illegal to approach marine mammals because they must surface to breathe. Also, some jurisdictions make it a crime to approach any marine animal.

Avoid Touching Objects on the Surface of the Water

One rule for avoiding damage to marine animals and plants is to avoid touching them. When snorkeling, you should not touch anything on the surface of the water, including coral. Touching them causes discomfort and damages their ecosystem. Also, you should avoid touching any part of your body that may be vulnerable to infection. Whether it is your secondary air source or your computer console, you should not touch any part of the fish or sea life. In addition, touching sea life may result in fines or even imprisonment.

Avoid Swimming in Rip-Tides

Rip currents are powerful, narrow currents that move away from beaches and into the sea. They are often difficult to spot, but you can avoid getting caught in them by swimming along the shoreline or finding a calmer channel. If you get caught in a rip, you will be swept away and may not be able to swim back to shore. They can be dangerous, so be cautious and use common sense.

Avoid Touching Fish

When snorkeling, it's important to follow the rules of marine life. It's not okay to touch fish or other aquatic animals - even if they seem harmless. Here's a list of 15 marine animals that you should avoid touching when snorkeling. Even if they look adorable, they may not be. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it's important that you follow these rules so you don't endanger them or cause them harm.

Avoid Touching Coral

While snorkeling, you may notice many beautiful creatures. But coral is no exception. Touching it can kill the entire colony! The oils in your skin may irritate the mucous membranes of the coral, which protect it from disease. It may also harm corals that feed by retracting to protect themselves. This can be difficult to treat if you end up with a sting or scrape, so avoid touching corals if you want to protect the marine life!

Avoid Breathing Through the Snorkel

One of the easiest ways to avoid breathing through the snorkel is to breathe out as you surface. To do this, just look up while underwater and blow air into the snorkel tube. If you are unable to blow into the snorkel tube, you may want to use a nose clip instead. Also, if you have a full-face mask, you will not have a problem breathing through the snorkel. However, you should avoid inhaling salt water by blowing through the snorkel while in the water.

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