What Size Shirt Does My Six Year Old Wear?

August 04, 2022 3 min read

You may be wondering: What size shirt should my six year old wear? What sizes do kids wear? First, you should understand that a size 6 is usually a little larger than a 5T shirt. It will fit snugly around the waist and bottom but will have a longer and more fitted look. Your child is going through a growth spurt in this size and is going to get long legs and long sleeves. Just like shorts have type and size, there are the same characteristics for shirts.

Size 6 Shirts Tend to Be a Lot Bigger Than 5T Shirts

When it comes to toddler clothes, size is everything. Children's bodies vary greatly in size, depending on their genetics, lifestyle, and eating habits. Luckily, there are many options for the size of a child after they've outgrown their size 5T shirt. The two most common sizes after a 5T shirt are size 6 and size 5T. While size 5T is the most common option, it is not likely to fit a 6 year old for very long.

Most kids will outgrow a size 5T shirt in less than two years, so a size 6 will fit just as well. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Children who outgrow their size 5T can move to a size 6 while others may be too small to wear a size 6. It is important to try on different sizes to find out which is best for your child. Size 5T shirts are meant to fit a 4 year old.

When comparing sizes, keep in mind that a size 6 shirt will generally fit a 6 year old more comfortably. However, remember that toddlers' shirts tend to be much smaller than their moms' sizes. If your child has outgrown the size 5T, he or she may be transitioning to a 6T shirt before outgrowing it. Regardless, it's important to know the measurements of your child before buying any clothes.

Buying clothes for a six year old is easier than buying a size smaller. Size 5T is not a good option for a 6 year old since it's harder to tell what size to buy. Size 6 shirts tend to be much bigger than 5T shirts for a 5 year old. This is why it is crucial to go one size up.

They Tend to Be More Fitted Around Waist And Bottom Than 5T Shirts

Clothing for your child should fit snugly around the waist and bottom, with longer sleeves and legs. While the waist and bottom of 5T shirts will fit well, a 6 year old's shirt will most likely be looser in these areas. Children typically grow up in this size, so clothes for 6 year olds should fit well, too. Several brands of clothing are available for your child's growing body type, from infant to preteen.

Sizes 5 and 5T are almost identical, although smaller than the ones for toddlers and babies. However, the former is usually longer and squarer than the latter. Additionally, some brands offer a size 4/5 which fits similar to a 5T shirt. Bottoms are slimmer and tops are longer than 5T, while pants are shorter. XS and 5 are similar, though XS may encompass more than one size. Read here about the right size for your 7 year old.

If your child is in between sizes, it's recommended that they start in the size four. Find out about the various kinds of boy shorts, maybe that will help you to match the shirt! They'll soon outgrow this size, and will be in need of a bigger shirt. Shirts and pants in a size 4 are typically the same length as shirts in the 5T range, but are slightly wider around the waist. Likewise, pants in size 6 tend to be longer than those of a 5T.

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