What Speed Is Needed to Drive a Wakeboarding Boat When Wakesurfing?

August 17, 2022 4 min read

A common question among novice surfers is: What speed is needed to drive a Wakesurfing boat? A good answer is about three to seven hundred rpm. However, the speed of the vehicle depends on several factors, including the type of waves you want to surf, the Ballast and the Speed of the Boat. Here are some tips:


If you're wondering what speed you should be driving your wakesurfing boat, keep in mind that it's very important to maintain a certain amount of maneuverability. For instance, if your ride is too long or you're trying to land on a large wave, you should slow down. Wait until the waves have passed before turning the throttle. When turning, be sure to turn towards the wake shaper so that the boat makes a tighter turn. You'll also need to keep your wakeboarder on the right side of the boat so that the rope does not yank you out of the water.

You'll need a minimum of 13 feet of water, depending on the size of your wakeboard, and you should be able to turn quickly in this area. If you're riding a board that weighs more than 20 pounds, you'll want to increase the boat's speed a little. Remember to also use a wake plate, which increases the size of the wake by pushing the stern of the boat deeper into the water.

Wave Selection

In wakesurfing, the shape of a wave depends on three variables: boat speed, hull design, and ballast. For beginners it is important to get support while wakesurfing. Changing one of these three variables will alter the wave shape dramatically. Wave selection is vital for optimal surfing, as a poor selection of waves will negatively impact the quality of your surf session. To choose the best waves, observe the arrival of a wave, observe the surfers who scored the highest, and look for a wave with an even balance between the two.

The depth of the water is also important for wakesurfing. Depending on the type of wakesurfer you use, a shallow lake with more waves will produce smaller waves. In shallow waters, waves may be small, but with a wakesurfing boat, a shallow lake can produce bigger waves than a normal boat. Ask wakesurf shaper manufacturers for recommendations regarding water depth and boat model.

Boat Type

The most important question to ask before deciding how fast to drive your boat when wakesurfing is: what speed do you surf? While you're riding between 10 and 11 mph, it is important to steer the boat with proper control to avoid crashing into other wakesurfers. To steer safely, you should use the electronic speed control in the boat, as this is safer than the human hand on the throttle. You'll want to aim the bow of the boat at a landmark, so you can keep a check on the wake. Also, be aware of other boaters and the shoreline to avoid collisions.

Once you've mastered the basics of driving a boat, you'll want to learn how to properly maneuver the wake. It can be intimidating, especially if you're the first-time driver. You'll want to make sure that your passengers are properly distributed and that you have a spare life jacket for when one of your surfers falls. Besides that, you'll want to practice picking up a downed surfer on your own. If you don't have the time or equipment to do this, try simulating it with a life jacket to help you.


There are many tips for increasing speed when wakesurfing. One of the first things to do is pick a point on the shoreline, and then steer the boat in a direction that will generate a good wake. While you are surfing, try to keep a steady speed of 10-12 mph. For maximum speed, the wake must be about 11.0 mph on port and 11.2 mph on starboard. You should also have plenty of visibility, and you should be aware of other boats.

The direction of the water below the wake is determined by the shape of the boat and the weight of the passengers. If the boat is a flat-bottomed one, the wake will run parallel to the vessel. The angle of the wake will also depend on the shape of the boat. In addition, the weight of the passengers and the added ballasts will change the wave push. The boat's shape and weight will also have a bearing on the water displacement.

Getting Up on a Wakeboard

The most important thing to remember when getting up on a wakeboard is your body positioning. You want to be able to move around the water easily and efficiently without causing too much drag. Try to point your toes in a forward direction. This will help you to lift the board and turn in the right direction. After you've learned how to stand on a wakeboard, it's time to learn how to turn.

The most common mistake newcomers make is tugging on the rope while getting up on a wakeboard. The rope is not for pulling yourself up on a wakeboard; it's for getting the boat to lift you up. By pulling on the rope, you may end up falling in the water and sinking. Getting up on a wakeboard is much more complicated than it seems, so don't be intimidated.

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