What Swimsuit Looks Best On An Hourglass Figure?

May 19, 2022 4 min read

The hourglass figure is very flattering, but with some minor inconveniences. The body shape is best suited to swimsuits that accentuate the hips. High-waisted one-pieces with cutouts around the waist and hips can make the waist appear slimmer. To elongate legs, consider a high-leg swimsuit with a high neckline. Brazilian bikinis are particularly flattering in this way. If you are into fashion, try to explore the swimwear trends and make a trendy look.

High Waisted One-Pieces

Hourglasses have fuller bust lines, so high waisted one-pieces are the perfect choice for this body type. Look for styles with cowl, scoop, or keyhole necklines. The uniform color code also works well with hourglass-shaped figures. Rather than wearing a dark top, choose a lighter color on the lower half. This way, you'll look sexier and have a better overall balance.

If you're unsure what type of top or bottom to wear, look to celebrities for style inspiration. High waisted one-pieces look best on an hourglass figure, and boatnecks, halters, and crop tops can work to balance the visual width of the top half of your body. A thin belt also highlights your waist. The right cut and color can accentuate your hourglass figure.

Triangle-Shaped Swimsuits

The triangle-shaped swimsuit is a classic and flattering choice for the hourglass figure. It's typically cut low on the hips and high on the waist, making it a good choice for a woman with a slim waist. If you have a larger chest, you should avoid triangle tops because they rarely offer adequate support or coverage. For extra coverage, consider buying a boy short with a high-cut bottom. A triangle-shaped figure usually means a flat tummy, so choosing a print top is a great way to make it appear smaller.

If you have an hourglass figure, choose an asymmetrical neckline. Asymmetrical necklines draw the eye up and away from your shoulders, while one-shoulder tops make your shoulders appear smaller. You can also opt for a cropped top with embellishments on it to add volume. If you're an inverted triangle, you can choose a slim-fit jumper with straight or narrow straps.

High Leg Cut

The high leg cut on an hourglass figure is a great choice for many women. It accentuates the hourglass figure's perfectly proportioned body and emphasizes the waist while drawing attention away from the hips. If you have this body type, you can wear almost any style of dress and still look great. For the perfect hourglass figure, opt for fitted, light-colored, slimming tops. Also, look for one-pieces with a symmetrical cut that emphasizes the waist. If you have an hourglass shape, choose bra cups with underwire or padding. When you are blessed with this shape it is quite easy to pick out the clothes. Other shapes need some help, as skinny needs to minimize the slim parts, while women with short torsos need to use swimsuits that make the torso longer and slimmer.

Another important aspect of a high leg cut on an hourglass figure is its balance with the rest of the body. A high-waisted short can make the waist appear smaller if worn with a tucked top. Conversely, a low-waisted pair of trousers can make the hips look wider and unbalanced. For an hourglass figure, you should avoid high-waisted trousers and opt for flared styles.

High Neckline

A high neckline on an hourglass figure will flatter your beautiful curves, but it's best to avoid a boat neckline if you have a pear shape. This style draws the eye upward, balancing your wide shoulders and hips. A boat neckline looks great on a pear shape, and can balance your waist and sexy body. This neckline is also flattering for all body types, including pears.

If you're looking to flaunt your hourglass figure, avoid wearing oversized pieces that tend to accentuate your waist and midsection. Oversized boyfriend shirts and chunky knit sweaters are not flattering, and will only add to your volume. Instead, opt for sleek pants or skirts and wear a long necklace. Your high neckline will look even more flattering if you wear the right accessories with it.

Belted One-Pieces

Women with hourglass shapes often have a natural curve in the waist and bust line. These women should focus on choosing a top and bottom that accentuates these features and elongates the body. Wear high-waisted bottoms to accentuate the waist and low-waisted bottoms to sit across the hips. You should avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing that hides your curves. You can check out the newest swimwear models, and maybe get an idea of how your future swimsuit should look like.

For women with an hourglass figure, finding a one-piece that accentuates these features is key. Choose a style with a belt or waist-cinching detail to draw attention to your narrow waist. You can also choose a design with vertical stripes to emphasize your waistline, but avoid bold or wide patterns. A single-piece with straps will look best on hourglass figures.

High-Cut Bikinis

Depending on the shape of your bust, high-cut bikinis can create a more hourglass shape. To accentuate your hourglass figure, look for styles with a deep V neckline and ruching or cut-out sides. A feminine hourglass figure features a rounded waist, a full bust, and a sinched waist. Luckily, there are many styles to choose from to help you achieve this look.

High-cut bikinis are an excellent choice for hourglass figure women, as they elongate the legs and emphasize the small waistline. You can even go with a belted bikini to highlight your tiny waistline. A deep V-neckline is the most flattering neckline for hourglasses, as it divides the chest in half and gives the illusion of longer legs.

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