What to Prepare for Kayaking?

June 28, 2022 4 min read

If you've never gone kayaking before, here are some basic tips to get you started. This article will cover what to wear, what equipment you'll need, and safety. It's also a good idea to practice on a nearby body of water to develop technique and safety. It's always better to have more than one person to help you with the process. Make sure that everyone on the trip is able to paddle in the same direction, so it's important to keep each other in mind.


Before starting your kayaking adventure, consider the weather and the temperature of the water. Although warm temperatures in lakes and oceans are common, you'll still want to dress appropriately. In addition, make sure to wear appropriate sun protection and long-sleeved clothing. If you plan to paddle in the summer, you'll also want to prepare for the heat by bringing a sun hat. The following article provides helpful tips for clothing preparation.

When it comes to kayaking apparel, there are many important items that you'll need. First, bring a change of clothing. If the water is mildly warm, you can immediately change into dry clothing, but if the water is chilly, you'll want to invest in some specific kayaking apparel. While you're at it, don't forget to take a pair of socks and a warm jacket.


A variety of safety equipment is a must-have in kayaking, including a dry bag for your gear. There are literally hundreds of different styles and sizes of dry bags, and the right one can make or break your kayaking adventure. Depending on the water temperature, your dry bag may be your life saver or your kayak's worst enemy. You can use it to carry extra clothing, a first aid kit, water, snacks, and even sunscreen.

Depending on the destination and the length of your trip, you'll need additional equipment. You'll need a paddle and PFD, but other kayak accessories can make your trip more comfortable and safer. You can purchase a backrest to help you rest while paddling, a scupper stopper to keep the cockpit dry, and a dry bag to carry all of your gear. There are also accessories for fishing, diving, and navigating.


If you're a beginner kayaker, it's important to know how to get out of a capsized kayak. During your first kayaking adventure, you might not experience a capsize, but you need to learn how to stay upright. You can learn this skill in a kayaking class or from an instructor. If you're unsure of how to exit a capsized kayak, ask an instructor to show you some basic tips.

Before attempting any sea kayaking, plan out your route. Take note of the shorelines and the areas where you'll need to turn your kayak around. When kayaking in a river or lake, choose a route with calm waters and avoid challenging areas. In addition, wear protective clothing for sun protection and water-resistant gear. While kayaking in the water, don't wear anything made of cotton. It might get wet and you'll be dripping all day long. Wear lightweight layers that are quick to dry.


Safety when kayaking begins with knowledge of the local environment. Be sure to wear a life jacket while on the water, and learn about the local hazards before you set out. You might be unaware of the underwater hazards, or swells, that could threaten your safety. Often, local paddling clubs can offer valuable advice. Be especially vigilant when paddling near another boat. If you do, you can turn your kayak until it is clear of the other vessel's presence, or stop your kayak and wait for them to pass.

Another important safety item is a personal flotation device, or PFD. The PFD is arguably the most important piece of kayak safety gear. PFDs are categorized by buoyancy, size, and intended use. Learn more about the different types of PFDs on the US Coast Guard website. To ensure you are equipped with the proper PFD for your kayaking trip, check out the US Coast Guard website. There is also information on their website regarding the proper size for your body.

First Aid Kit

If you spend a lot of time kayaking, you probably want to bring along a good first aid kit. Even though kayaking is a great way to spend time in nature, accidents can still happen. Luckily, you can find kayaking-specific kits that will help you treat injuries quickly and easily. The following are some of the most essential items to include in your kayaking first aid kit. They will help you survive even the worst kayaking emergencies.

- Waterproof, lightweight drybag. This kit is reusable and has taped seams. It includes numerous items including emergency whistle and mini trauma shears. This kit weighs just two ounces and can be carried with you on the water. It includes everything you need for minor outdoor accidents, muscle pain, and more. It also contains items for allergy relief and water purification. A waterproof reusable water bottle is another great option.

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