What Type of Luggage Do I Need to Travel With My Kiteboard?

July 16, 2022 3 min read

Before you leave for your trip, you should weigh your packed kiteboard. Most airlines will accept kiteboarding equipment as a valid item when flying. Packing of kiteboard shouldn't be difficult. To determine how much your board weighs, you should purchase a luggage scale. You can buy one for as little as 6 dollars on Amazon. Once you know how much your board weighs, you can choose the best travel bag.

Packing Cubes

The first thing to consider when buying a kiteboarding packing cube is its cost. Although there are a lot of cheap cubes on the market, you can get a quality set for under twenty dollars. There are different brands and sizes, and you can choose one according to your budget. Some are better than others and more expensive ones might not be necessary. If you are on a budget, you can start with a less expensive set, and then upgrade later if you wish.

Another consideration when choosing a cube is the style. A full-clamshell style will give you direct access to the cube, and this allows you to arrange your gear neatly. However, a full-clamshell cube is hard to zip up once it is full, so you may want to consider a half-opening cube. It is also easier to stuff a half-open cube with a lot of things, but you will need to remove everything before zipping it.

Compression Bags

Compression bags for your kite and board are very useful. Compression bags are generally made of nylon fabric and have a drawstring closure, as well as backpack straps. They allow you to pack your kite and board down to about half of their normal size. This will reduce the weight and space you'll need to carry them. However, it's best to check with your airline to see if you're allowed to bring a golf bag with you.

There are many benefits to compression luggage for your kite and board. Compression bags are lightweight, making them an excellent option for day trips. They also protect fins and board edges from wear and tear. They save room for extra kites and reduce your travel load. They also protect your kites from the sun's UV rays, and are much easier to pack. You'll soon see that the PKS Compression Bags will pay for themselves in just a single trip.

Board Bag

Before traveling with your kiteboard, choose a board bag with the right weight, size, and padding. It's important to consider the length and weight of your board bag, as there are certain weight and length limits on airline planes. Most airlines only allow up to 32 kg and 3 meters of board bag length, so check the specifics of your flight and airline company's baggage allowance before booking your ticket.

The biggest benefit to using a compression bag for your kites is that they stay compact and streamlined. Some compression bags have a high-visibility area for writing the sizes of your kites, which appeals to the OCD side of your brain. However, while they're ideal for keeping the package small, they don't offer the multi-function capabilities of other kiteboard bags.

Board Pump

You might be wondering what kind of luggage you need for traveling with your kiteboard. First, make sure that you have a weight scale. Most airlines will accept kiteboarding gear. You will need to weigh the equipment before leaving for the airport. A luggage scale costs around six dollars on Amazon and can come in handy when checking into an airplane.

Next, make sure to take a good kite bag. These bags are disguised as sports equipment luggage to avoid the problem of having your kite ripped or damaged. You will find a high-quality kite bag that will protect your board from rough handling, while also keeping everything together. A kite bag can cost $200 or more and hold up to two boards or two kites, plus the harness, water garb, and other kiteboard traveling accessories.

Repair Kit

If you have a broken kite or kiteboard, you'll need to have a repair tool. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive repair kits available on the market, such as Seam Grip. This glue is famous in the outdoor community for its ability to repair failing valves and seam kite fabric. Whether your kite is a simple tear or a full-blown tear, a repair kit can solve all of your problems and help you continue riding for years to come.

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