What Watch Do Real Divers Use?

August 22, 2022 4 min read

To answer the question "what watch do real divers use?", we need to know exactly what they are breathing in. Saturation divers commonly use mixed breathing gasses to reach incredible depths. The pressure-resistant watches that are available are often tested to mimic these conditions. The Deepsea watch, for example, can be worn up to 16,000 feet and weigh 4.5 tons. The Deepsea watch also has a 125% pressure rating, which is what saturation divers are known to use. Keep reading our articles to find out if divers are actually using dive watches.

Seiko's Spring Drive

Known as the spring drive, Seiko's Spring Drive movement combines mechanical and electronic components for increased power output and accuracy. Unlike other watches that use batteries for their power supply, these watches do not need to be charged with a different source of energy. The energy is generated by a traditional spring at one end of the gear train, and an integrated circuit powers a quartz oscillator on the other end. A glide wheel rotates over an electromagnetic coil and generates a small electrical charge. The power then flows to a quartz crystal and into the watch's battery.

In the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Divers line, you can choose from watches that are waterproof to 200 meters. The oversized case is made from titanium, and the watch has a diameter of 44.2 mm. The watch is expected to sell for over $1k. It is made to withstand the harshest conditions of diving and offers a variety of advanced functions, including a dive computer.

Rolex's Submariner

Despite its name, Rolex's Submariner watch does not have to be worn by the world's most skilled divers. The watch was designed for use in the water by real divers who were tasked to go deeper than anyone had ever gone. Real divers would wear the Sea-Dweller during trials, which required them to endure 50 hours in a pressurized chamber at a depth of 610 meters. In the early 1970s, Rolex collaborated with French diving specialists Comex to develop the watch, which was used by the real world's best divers. The Sea-Dweller had an incredibly small case size of 51.4 mm in diameter and was a mere 28.5 mm in height, and was water resistant up to 12,000 meters.

Real divers require luminous hands and markers to see time clearly in murky water. Rolex's Submariner watch was first equipped with radium luminescent paint, which is toxic and unsafe to use in water. Then, in the 1960s, Rolex switched to tritium. In 1998, Rolex switched to Luminova, which replaced radium. It later upgraded to Super-Luminova and Chromalight.

Delma Shell Star Black Tag

The Delma Shell Star Black Tag is crafted in the center of Swiss watchmaking in Lengnau. This watch features a helium valve, a mechanical movement with date, and a black DLC coated case. The watch's orange-colored, applied indexes and hands with luminous markers are a distinctive design element. The limited edition Black Tag model is available in only 500 pieces.

The 44-mm tonneau-shaped case of this watch has a helium valve and is water-resistant to 500 meters. It also features a transparent caseback that provides an excellent view of the automatic movement inside. The watch was first designed for professional divers in 1975 and has been updated with cutting-edge technology. The dial, along with the minute indexing, is also unfinished.

Seiko's Padi Solar

The Seiko's Padi Solar watch is the preferred watch of real divers. Its stainless steel and titanium case resist corrosion caused by salt water. The dial is black with luminous hour markers. The helium escape valve is also a great addition. The watch can be adjusted at your local Kohl's store. However, it cannot be shipped via Priority Service. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, you should order it from an authorized retailer.

The Seiko Padi Solar watch is the only one in the market that uses a solar energy source. This is the only solar watch that is designed specifically for real divers. It features a blue dial and luminous hands. It also features a scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal and a stainless steel case. Its Japanese quartz movement provides a 10-month power reserve. Its dual-complications system helps you avoid missing a minute.

Seiko's Seastar

Seiko's legendary Seastar dive watch is designed for the serious diver. This Swiss watch is waterproof to 300 meters and features a helium valve that depressurizes the case during ascents. Its slimmer case and bracelet make it a dressier watch as well. It is made with a tough, durable steel. It is a very popular choice among real divers.

There are many options for water-resistant diving watches. A typical dive watch must be waterproof to 600 metres, which is equivalent to going to a go-kart track in a tank. In addition, dive watches must have good legibility, so they're easy to read in dark conditions. The hands should also be easily visible, especially in low-light conditions. Having an analog watch is not necessarily a sign of a purist, though. If you're still not sure what's the point of dive watches, read more from us.

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