What Wax Do Pro Surfers Use to Wax Their Boards?

August 16, 2022 4 min read

If you're interested in the process of waxing your surfboard with long lasting wax, read on! You'll learn the difference between a base coat and a top coat, and how each affects the board's appearance. A base coat is a less expensive option, but it does provide a protective layer. Many surfers apply wax to the rails of their surfboards to allow them to do more aggressive maneuvers. It also extends the life of the board by providing a non-slip surface. Don't forget to check best long-lasting surf waxes.

Da Hui's Super Sticky

If you're looking for an extra-sticky wax, consider Da Hui's Super Sticky. This Hawaiian wax is formulated to offer increased security when surfing. It's important to use a thin layer of Da Hui's Super Sticky on a solid basecoat, though, to avoid the risk of making your board overly-sticky. Also, don't forget to clean away any excess wax, especially if you plan on surfing a lot.

Da Hui's Super Sticky is made from one single layer of fu wax. Fu Wax is a blend of two different kinds of wax. Fu wax is made of a special compound and contains a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients. This super-sticky material is the preferred choice of many professional surfers, but there are other brands out there that offer similar benefits. Da Hui's Wax aAll Grip is a great choice for anyone who enjoys high-quality wax.

Santa Barbra Surfing's Double Barrel

Santa Barbara's double barrel is a famous point break. It is a break for advanced surfers who are willing to brave cold water conditions. This break is best for temperatures 64 degrees or colder. You can even use it as your only wax. It is an incredible wave that will turn any ordinary swell into a hollow right. Because of its crazy backwash and chocolate water, most surfers think that this break only breaks on large winter swells. However, this wave is surfable year-round and offers a great variety of conditions and a remarkably pleasant scent.

The right hand point break at Rincon is also a favorite among surfers. Located just outside the city, Rincon has perfect conditions for right hand point breaks and works on all tides. During the fall and early spring, the breaks are ideal for surfing. Easterly winds are best here. Once you're in the mood for a surf session, make sure to book your accommodation ahead of time.


The Matunas Surf Wax is 100% natural, biodegradable, and organic. The ingredients are grown on the Matoon family farm and are used in their purest form. Organic ingredients include clay, coconut oil, and jasmine. The packaging is made of recycled paper and soy ink. Unlike other brands, Matunas Wax does not use any harmful ingredients, leaving your board clean and glossy.

When applying the wax, your board must be dry and clean. A good base coat is essential for a firm grip. Start by applying a base coat on the board. Continue with the layer of wax until you reach the edges of the board. Surf wax is sticky and hard due to its composition. Beeswax has long fatty acids, so it bonds more strongly to the surface. This makes it ideal for hotter conditions.

Sticky Bumps

If you are a surfboard owner and want to keep your board in tip-top shape, you may be wondering if Sticky Bumps are worth purchasing. These waxes are made by a family business that started in 1972. They have many products, including Original Cold and Original Hot, and are known for producing quality products. Here are the basics you should know about Sticky Bumps. Weigh the pros and cons of Sticky Bumps, and then decide if they are right for you.

When surf wax was invented in the 1960s, it contained toxins that can be dangerous to humans. The late 60s saw John Dahl begin working with an engineering team to develop a wax that was non-toxic and high-performing. The result was the "stickiest" surf wax on the planet. This brand now sells wax for warm water, cool water, and cold water. As of this writing, Sticky Bumps is available for both warm and cold water surfboards.

Fu Wax

Pro surfers love Fu Wax because it is both effective wax for a longer period and affordable wax. This Brazilian product has been used by many pro surfers for decades. Founder Fuad Mansur started the business by handing out the wax to surfers in the Brazilian surf ghetto. He would also gift the wax to the families of notable Brazilian surfers. The first pro surfers to use Fu Wax included ex-CTer Fabio Gouveia, Ricardo Toledo, Wagner Pupo, Picuruta Salazar, and Paulo Mattos. However, the product did not reach international markets until decades after it was created. The first Westerners would not touch the product until decades later.

The Fu Wax formula is made by hand and is produced in Brazil. The company's products are priced similarly to other major brands. They are considered the ultimate in surfing excellence and are a good choice for beginners as well as upgraders. Pro surfers swear by the product and it is easy to see why! However, you need to know that Fu Wax isn't available in every country.

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