What's the Difference Between an Extra Large Backpack and a Dry Bag?

August 17, 2022 3 min read

If you're in the market for a backpack, you might be wondering: What's the difference between an extra large backpack and a dry bag? There are a few main differences between these two bags, and it's not just the size. Dry bags are also more waterproof than a regular backpack, and they have a reinforced seam to keep your items dry even if you're completely submerged. A roll-top bag has a hypalon roll-top that seals better and creates a handle for carrying. You can string several bags together and secure them to your pack.

Flotation Devices

If you're on a long hike, a floatation device is an essential piece of equipment to bring along. A good dry bag will protect your electronics and other items from water damage. A large capacity dry bag like the Yeti Panga is the best choice for this purpose. The Watershed Colorado is a close second. When choosing a dry bag, make sure the zippers are tight and the seals work well. Some dry bags have exterior pockets which provide less protection than they should.

Another great option is the Zone 3 Swim Safety. Its durable design and separate inflation chambers make it more buoyant than the average float. The second chamber must be manually inflated. Despite the extra weight, this float is small enough to fit into a dry bag or extra large backpack. Floatation devices between an extra large backpack and a dry bag should be checked for weight limits before you purchase one.


A light and durable backpack and dry bag can help you enjoy your outdoor adventures with minimal fuss. The lightweight Exped Fold Drybag UL series is perfect for ultralight hikers who need to protect their clothing from getting wet, while packing light and compactly. The outer silicone coating and PU inner lining help keep the bag as lightweight as possible. This bag weighs only about the same as a Snickers bar, and is waterproof to keep your items dry and secure.

The waterproof Discovery View dry bag from SealLine is another great option. This bag features a water-resistant valve, making it easy to compress your dry goods and keep them safe. The bag's welded seams help it resist tears and provide good protection. Its 10 liter capacity makes it the perfect choice for trips on rivers and paddle boarding. While waterproof and durable, it doesn't come cheap. If you're concerned about the bag's price, try the Outdoor Products 3-Pack instead.


If you are looking for the best bag to protect your belongings during an outdoor adventure, look no further. There are several backpack and dry bags available on the market. This heavy-duty backpack has more features than you might expect from its price tag, and the durable construction will keep your things dry for years. You'll love carrying your dry bag without straining your shoulders or arms. Whether you're looking for a backpack for everyday use or a waterproof dry bag for whitewater rafting, this model is sure to keep your belongings safe and dry for any adventure.

This dry bag is made from vinyl coated fabric, making it waterproof. It also weighs just under 2 pounds, making it convenient for carrying and transporting your belongings. The bag also has a two-year warranty, and the brand provides outstanding customer support. You can return the product if you are unhappy with the quality, but the dry bag should be easy to empty. Regardless of whether you're buying a dry bag for hiking or a day trip, it's vital to know your budget so that you don't overspend on the bag.


When choosing a backpack with a dry bag, the capacity should be more than sufficient. Some backpacks come with smaller pockets, but a large capacity one will be ideal if you plan to pack more items. Moreover, a dry bag should have extra storage space, such as side and front mesh pockets. The side mesh pockets are usually designed for water bottles, while the front zippered pocket is perfect for storing small items that you need in a hurry.

Firstly, you need to determine your budget. You should set a reasonable limit before making any purchases. Skipping this step increases the chances of overspending. Moreover, defining a budget is essential so that you can make the most of your purchase experience. It also helps you narrow down the choices. Ultimately, you should purchase a dry bag that fits your needs and your budget. If you want to maximize your experience in purchasing a dry bag, you should set a budget.

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