Where Do You Wear a Sun Hat?

June 14, 2022 3 min read

A sun hat can be a great way to protect your face from the sun without being overly trendy. Originally made for women, a sun hat can now be worn by men, too. In the 1800s, boater hats were only worn by women, but later became a popular semi-formal style for men. You can wear a wide brimmed hat to show off your style, or opt for a more classic style.

Choosing a Sun Hat

There are many factors to consider when choosing a sun hat. First, consider what you're going to be using the hat for. Are you going to be playing tennis or surfing? Or are you going to be out walking along the beach? Whatever your reason, a sun hat should protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays. Some sun hats have a chin strap, while others are completely functional.

Another factor to consider when selecting a sun hat is the material. While some hats are made of cotton, others are made from polyester or nylon. Cotton is a good option if you're seeking comfort and breathability. Both polyester and nylon materials are water-resistant and durable, but be sure to look for a hat with mesh vents. Ensure that it provides UPF 50+ protection.

Choosing a Floppy Hat

A floppy sun hat is a wardrobe staple. Whether you're heading to the beach or the park, you'll look great in a drooping hat, providing maximum sun protection. The wide brim of a floppy hat looks great with so many different outfits, from classic denim to flirty summer dresses. A floppy sun hat is a great way to add a boho touch to your summer ensemble.

Choosing a floppy sun visor is easy. You can choose from a variety of colors, and you can adjust the straps to fit your head. You can also fold the brim flat and store it in your bag. If you want to purchase a cheap floppy sun hat, the Beklina Voluminoso is an excellent choice. It comes in several colors and features an adjustable belt, and it folds up easily for easy travel.

Choosing a Sisal Hat

Whether you're looking for a trendy straw hat or a classic sun visor, you'll find many styles of sisal sun hats. These sun hats are both great for everyday wear and will keep your head cool. If you're not sure which style to get, read on for some tips on choosing the right sisal sun hat. It is also important to choose one that is made of a high-quality sisal material.

Choosing a Panama Hat

Despite being a common summer sun hat, it's important to choose the right style based on your face shape. Face shapes include round, oval, and heart. For example, a big man with a round face will need a wider brim than a man with a heart-shaped face. And if you're short, you can choose a hat with a high, narrow brim. Panama hats for men are a great choice for a summer-time get away and are versatile enough to wear to any event.

Before buying a Panama hat, you should consider its quality. While there are many different types available, the quality of the fibers determines the hat's durability. A tighter, narrow weave requires more time and work to create. Consequently, a higher price tag will accompany a higher quality hat. Also, a high-quality rollable Panama hat is easier to store and transport than one made of cheaper materials.

Choosing a Straw Hat

Choosing a straw sun hat is an excellent option for casual outdoor adventures, but you need to consider some key factors to ensure that you get the best protection. One of the most important factors is its weave. While some straw hats are loosely woven and will let in some rays, the larger the gaps, the more sunlight will penetrate. Fortunately, many straw sun hats come with a UPF rating and should meet this standard. Look for a UPF of 50 or higher.

The brim length is another important factor to consider when choosing a sun hat. Wider brims are more protective, but will provide less protection in some circumstances. Choose a hat with a large brim to protect your ears and face from the sun's UV rays. A wide brimmed hat will provide more coverage, but it is not the best option for active outdoor activities.

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