Where is a Dive Knife Pocket Located in a Dive Knife?

August 22, 2022 3 min read

Where is the diver knife pocket located in a dive knife? Ideally, it should be located in the opposite hand's dominant limb. For example, if a diver wants to use a dive knife to slice an opponent's shin, he should put the knife in the other leg or ankle. The location of a dive knife pocket depends on the particular brand of BCD. If you're interested in ideas where to attach a knife, read more from us.

Subgravity DIR Knife with Pocket

The Subgravity DIR Knife with Portability is an innovative harness mounted dive knife with a stainless steel serrated blade, a durable nylon sheath, and a 2" harness slot. The knife is incredibly lightweight, yet highly functional, making it an ideal dive tool. Subgravity Dive Shop is an authorized Top Stocking Dealer. This dive knife is one of the most popular knives for underwater safety divers. Find out more about the safest place for carrying a dive knife.

Benchmade 111H2O

The Benchmade 111H2O dive knife is a high-quality, folding diving knife with an N680 stainless steel blade and ambidextrous thumb studs. Its slim design and textured Grivory handle make it easy to grasp and control. The blade is lockable with the Benchmade AXIS locking system, and the knife has a reversible tip-up pocket clip.

This folding knife features a highly corrosion-resistant steel blade, which is comparable to 440C steel. It features a ComboEdge serrated edge, which enhances edge retention. It also has a yellow handle and comes in two color choices, black and yellow. Benchmade offers a fixed blade version of the 111H20 as well. If you are not a diver or a snorkeler, you will want to consider a benchmade knife.

Pacific Salt

The Pacific Salt is a folding dive knife with an ultra-corrosion-resistant blade. The blade is a modified drop point, with a gradually curved belly and a straight portion. This allows for a wide variety of cutting applications and offers a secure hold. The blade's spine is a modified sheepfoot-drop point hybrid, which is less likely to puncture the hand during use.

The Spyderco Pacific Salt is made with a nitrogen-based steel that resists corrosion. These steels do not rust, and the blades retain an edge even in salt water. They are also available in yellow or black. This knife is not only for scuba divers, but for fishermen, military personnel, and other water sports enthusiasts. There are plenty of other models, but this one has a unique design that makes it a standout in the saltwater market.

The Edge

A diving knife has two common locations: the torso and leg. It is a good idea to carry both types of knives, so you'll have the option to use either one in an emergency. Titanium, the best metal for a diving knife, is a great choice, but it's also more expensive. If you're unsure where to carry a dive knife, consider purchasing one with a pocket clip.

The edge is the most important place to carry a diving knife. A knife that's located on the edge will make it easier to access the blade. This area should be kept out of reach of children so that you don't accidentally cut them. A dive knife with a pocket clip is also a good option for cutting ropes, as it's easier to grab and use while wearing one.

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