Where is the Most Consistent Surf in the World?

July 11, 2022 3 min read

Where is the world's most consistent surf? Here are some suggestions. You could visit Nicaragua's El Paredon, Mozambique's Honolua Bay, or Costa Rica's Jeffrey's Bay. However, you're more likely to enjoy surf in Hawaii or elsewhere that's not so well known to the general public. Listed below are the best places to surf in the world.

Mozambique's Surfable Beaches

In addition to the country's long sand beaches, Mozambique's waters also contain a number of offshore islands. While it is located in East Africa, Mozambique's history is filled with war. The country experienced its independence conflict in the 1960s and then a civil war that started after the Portuguese departed Africa. The resulting chaos made the country nearly inaccessible until a 1992 peace accord.

Nicaragua's El Paredon

This country in Central America is blessed with 350 kilometers of Pacific coastline, warm water, and slabby beach breaks. The water rarely falls below 25 degrees Celsius, and winds blow offshore for 300 days a year. With swell consistently available from April through November, Nicaragua is one of the world's most consistent surf destinations. The country's convenient location makes it easy to travel there from North America and Europe.

Costa Rica's Jeffrey's Bay

If you're looking for world-class waves, you can't go wrong with Costa Rica. The Pacific coastline offers gentle breaks perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers alike, while the south coast has risky reefs and big barrels. It's also affordable and easy to get to. In addition to great surfing, Costa Rica offers a relaxed atmosphere and affordable flights.

Hawaii's Honolua Bay

This unspoiled beach in the heart of Honolua Bay, Hawaii, is the perfect place for beginners and advanced surfers alike to practice their techniques. The waves here are consistently good and the beach is a great place to practice surfing techniques during the summer months. Surfing at Honolua Bay isn't the only thing to do while in Hawaii. Peahi Beach, also known as Jaws by local surfers, has massive waves and big swells. Surfers have to get towed to the Peahi beach by jet ski to catch these waves.


The southern California city of Malibu is known for its excellent surfing year round. During the fall, the swells from the southwest keep the points working and offshore winds keep the breaks glassy. Summer is great too, with warm temperatures and longboard-friendly conditions. In summer, more exposed breaks won't work as well as the southern, south-facing ones, but if you want to get in on the fun, summer in Malibu is the place for you.

Puerto Rico's Rocky Bottom

A popular family surf spot, Caracas Beach offers good waves all year long. The sandy bottom and palm trees make for a relaxing environment and a small food truck. It is one of Puerto Rico's most secluded beaches, making it a great place to catch some waves. Also nearby is Rincon Lighthouse Park, which offers a stunning view of the island's famous waves.

Ireland's Raglan

Raglan is the best surf town in the world for the winter months. This coastal town is tucked away in a valley where green mountains meet sea, and the beaches stretch on forever. The rolling hills, dotted with a few trees, provide a stunning backdrop to the town, where Nina Du Niak teaches surfing. Nina has been surfing here since she was a teenager, and is convinced that it's the best spot for consistent winter waves.

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