Which is Safer?

June 27, 2022 3 min read

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you may wonder which is safer: a hotel, a ride-hailing service, or an Airbnb. This article compares the CDC's guidelines for the best types of lodging and will provide you with some insight into the differences. We'll also take a look at some crime rates and which state is the safest to visit. Which is safer?...read on to find out!

Airbnb VS Hotels

One question that often pops up in the Airbnb vs hotels debate is which is safer. In general, hotels are safer than Airbnbs, which means they're cheaper. While hotels have high overhead costs, Airbnbs don't. Most Airbnbs are verified, and most listings come with user reviews. There are also fewer potential security concerns, as most of these listings are in residential areas. But what's the best choice? Here are some considerations.

For starters, hotels have the legal protection of their staff. While Airbnb has an excellent reputation for being safe, there is no guarantee that the experience will be positive. Hotels also have a standard of care to protect their employees. But Airbnb's lack of standard of care is one reason why they're not as safe as you think. You have to remember that every organization is responsible for protecting its employees, and hotels are no different.

If you want to stay in a place that's free of viruses, don't choose Airbnb. The CDC offers guidelines on which lodgings are safest. Depending on your level of vaccinated status, staying at home is the least risky option. If you're traveling with other people, you may want to consider staying at a hotel, which has a stricter cancellation policy than Airbnb.

CDC Guidelines for Lodging Options

As more people become vaccinated, doctors have been asking travelers what the safest lodging options are. Hotels and Airbnb hosts have stricter cleaning procedures and are welcoming travelers with new sanitization and disinfection protocols. However, it's still best to check with the hotel or Airbnb before paying. Experts advise that you should not pay for the accommodation before you know the conditions of the lodging.

While there are many risks associated with staying at a hotel or vacation rental, the CDC lists two safe accommodations: staying in your own home and vacation rentals. Of course, these guidelines only apply to you and your family, so you don't need to worry about strangers bringing back disease. Choosing a safe option depends on your comfort level and budget. While staying at home is the safest option, you should still make sure that you follow the rules to avoid risky situations.

Crime Rates in States Where People Feel Safest

A recent survey found that more than half of Americans are concerned about crime, but the majority are less concerned than in the previous year. In fact, the largest jump in general concern was seen in Virginia, where concern dropped by 23% in 2020 but rose by 43% in 2021. Meanwhile, Alaska and Kansas saw their levels of concern rise slightly. According to the survey, Vermont has the fourth lowest crime rate in the country, with the lowest property and violent crime rates.

The Census Bureau's annual survey of state and local government finances, as well as surveys from YouGov and SurveyMonkey, reveal that the best places to live are also the safest. According to the FBI's data, residents of the safest states are most satisfied with their sense of safety. Only three states, however, have crime rates below the national average. And of these three, the highest rates of crime are found in the state of Mississippi.

When evaluating crime statistics, you should bear in mind that not all crimes are reported to the police. For instance, sexual assault is notoriously under-reported. As a result, the rate of reported crimes may be higher in a city or neighborhood where more police officers are stationed. In addition, some crimes don't track well in data, such as vandalism, drug use, and public intoxication.

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