Which Waterproof Phone Case Does Really Work Underwater?

August 02, 2022 4 min read

In the case of your phone, waterproof phone cases come in handy for swimming, surfing, or watching Netflix in the shower. However, there are a few important things to know how they work before purchasing one. Read on to learn about the best waterproof cases available in the market today. We will also review a few of the most popular models, including Ghostek, Catalyst, and Syncwire.


When you purchase a LifeProof underwater phone case, you're protecting your phone from water damage. However, this case will not work with a dock or a wireless charging cable. You'll need to use an adapter if you want to listen to music while you're underwater. Fortunately, this case has a headphone jack cover that fits over the jack so you won't have to worry about losing your headset if you accidentally submerge your phone.

Submariner - This waterproof phone case will keep your phone safe in depths of up to 100 feet. It includes a protective screen, high-quality lens covers, and 12-foot drop protection. The case is designed to keep the touchscreen and camera protected, while its strong welded seam won't open after you drop it. It also won't block the fingerprint sensor. It's an excellent choice if you're an avid underwater photographer.


The Ghostek waterproof phone case can protect your iPhone 11 from both drops and underwater adventures. It's military-grade protection, so your phone can withstand immersion up to 21 feet, and its case is waterproof for up to 30 minutes. Despite being waterproof, this case won't interfere with your iPhone's features, including Touch ID, which is essential for your daily life. Instead, its precise cutouts and port covers prevent any leaks, and its non-slip grip keeps the case on your phone during use.

If you're looking for a slim and sleek case for your iPhone, Ghostek has several options to choose from. Its Ghostek Nautical Slim case will protect your Galaxy S22 while adding just a few millimeters of bulk. It's IP68-certified and can keep your phone protected for up to an hour underwater, and its cutouts provide easy access to all the buttons. The case is available for the iPhone 13 Plus as well.


The Catalyst waterproof phone case is designed with drop protection and shock absorption in mind. Its IP68 rating means it is waterproof to 33 feet (10 meters) and can withstand drops from six feet. Moreover, it features a soft rubber exterior and allows easy access to the Touch ID and mute switch. It is also compatible with Qi wireless charging, and can be used with MagSafe.

This case protects your iPhone from water and drops up to six feet, which is impressive considering that your phone is not water-resistant. But the downside of this case is that it adds bulk to your phone, making the volume and power buttons difficult to use. That said, you don't have to sacrifice the design for water protection - the Catalyst case is compatible with the iPhone and iPad, as well as the AirPods and Apple Watch.


Syncwire Waterproof Phone Case is a water-resistant pouch for your cell phone. It is fully water-proof and rated IPX8. It is made of durable and soft TPU material that prevents water from penetrating your case. This waterproof pouch allows you to access all your phone's buttons and features. It also floats, protecting your phone from accidental drops and shocks.

This waterproof phone case comes with a wrist lanyard to hold your phone. It's compatible with a waterproof selfie stick. While its waterproof seal protects your phone from water, you still can't use the touchscreen underwater. But that's not the end of it. This case also prevents damage to your phone from ice and snow. It's certified to work in water depths of up to 30 feet. The case is also made of soft TPU material so you can still use the touch screen and take photos. It also comes with an adjustable lanyard that can hold up to 20 kg.


If you're looking for a waterproof phone case, the Wooqu model is the right choice. The case boasts an IP68 rating, which means it will protect your phone from up to two meters of water for up to 30 minutes. The case is made of soft TPU frame and polycarbonate back panel to provide you with top-notch protection, while still allowing you to hold the phone in a comfortable grip. What's more, this model has a built-in screen protector to protect the screen from damage.

While this case may not work under water, its IP68 rating makes it one of the best cases available for the iPhone X and XS. It comes with a screen protector and includes a flap that protects the S Pen. The Fansteck case is available in a wide variety of colors, including red, green, and black. It comes with textured grips on the back and sides and secures the camera with a protective film.

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