Who Holds the Record for Freediving in 2021?

July 30, 2022 3 min read

The question now is: Who will hold the world record for freediving in 2021? There are several possibilities, including Arnaud Jerald, Cem Karabay, and Herbert Nitsch. In this article, we'll examine each of them in turn. We'll also look at how they plan to break it. Here are some tips. Let's face it: freediving is a tough sport, and we can't take these men and women for granted.

Herbert Nitsch

Known for his record-breaking feats, Herbert Nitsch has also carved out a name for himself as a world-class lecturer and ocean conservationist. In addition to freediving, Herbert is also a member of the Ocean Advocacy Advisory Board for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which is committed to the protection of ocean environments and wildlife. In addition to freediving, Herbert is currently working on the design of an ocean-going eco-boat.

After setting the record at 109 meters (358 ft), Nitsch went on to set the Constant Weight world record of 120 m (394 ft) on June 6, 2011. This was more than 6 m more than Nitsch's previous record and was the first person to break this record twice. This feat is especially amazing because Nitsch used his arms for the final 40 meters (131 ft) of his dive.

Arnaud Jerald

French freediver Arnaud Jerald has won the World Record in Freediving for Constant Weight Bi-Fins. His dive to 117m took three minutes and thirty seconds. He then shook his head to get rid of hypoxia and presented the judges with his hard-earned tag. You can watch the full dive on YouTube. You can learn more about Arnaud's feat by reading his story.

Jerald broke two world records in a week: the first one at 116 meters and the second one at 117 meters, both while wearing bi-fins. It is also noteworthy that he broke both records in less than two weeks. At twenty-one, Jerald is the youngest person in history to hold both world records simultaneously. He is also aiming to set the record for freediving in 2021.

For the competition, the world's most prestigious competition in freediving is held in the Bahamas. The event is known as the Wimbledon of freediving, with 41 competitors taking part from July 13th to 23rd. The record-holders have been diving in these locations for 15 consecutive years. During pre-competition training, Jerald swam up to 210m in one dive, and he was in great physical shape.

Cem Karabay

Cem Karabay's 142-hour freediving record is a feat that will remain for decades to come. This dive, timed to coincide with the 42nd anniversary of Turkey's occupation of Cyprus, is already the world record. This feat more than doubles his previous record of 71 hours. It will also be the first time that an individual has spent more than six days underwater.

Cem Karabay holds three world records, including the longest time spent underwater. He swam for over 192 hours, ate food, and even played backgammon while underwater. During his attempt, he was greeted by the Prime Minister of Northern Cyprus, Huseyin Ozgurgun. The record is still pending confirmation from Guinness World Records.

In 2016, he swam to 33235 metres, which was the deepest scuba dive in history. The record for static apnea freediving, however, is 141 hours and 42 minutes and 42 seconds and belongs to a Turkish diver named Cem Karabay. The world record for freediving in 2021 will be held by him and Herbert.

Nicholas Mevoli

Nick Mevoli, the man who holds the record for freediving in 2022, was only nine when he first learned to dive. His uncle taught him how to hold his breath underwater and the equalize breathing technique, which prevents blackouts when resurfacing. Despite his troubled childhood, he soon became a master of the underwater world. Nick Mevoli is an all-around daredevil who was also a prop man on a film set.

Born and raised in the Florida Keys, Nicholas Mevoli fell in love with the sport and decided to make it his career. As a child, he spearfished and became addicted to free diving. At age eight, he was able to breathe in water that was up to 300 feet deep and surpassed his own record. His record remains unbroken, and he was preparing to compete in the Olympics in 2021.

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