Who Invented the Boogie Board?

July 23, 2022 3 min read

When it comes to the boogie board, it actually came first. In 1971, Tom Morey invented a hand-shaped board and named it the Morey Boogie. Later, he sold the board to a toy company, who trademarked the word "boogie board". This lead other companies to use the term bodyboard instead, but the two boards have many similarities, including riding prone.

Morey Boogie Was a Hand-Shaped Boogieboard

The Morey Boogie was a hand shaped boogieboard invented by Morey in 1971. It was shaped by Morey in his kitchen using a hot iron and polyethylene foam covered with newspaper. During the early years, the board did not work very well, but it was quickly improved and more popular. The company's first model cost $37, the price at which Morey set it. He believed that this amount would cover costs and profit the business.

Morey Boogie Was a Free Surfer

Sol Morey was an engineer, designer, and free-surfer who believed in getting more people into the water. In his article, he described his vision for space boards, where the board would be air-lubricated and motorized and shaped like a spaceship. Throughout the piece, Morey included various design ideas, including the use of Alka Seltzer on the bottom of the board to keep it dry until he hopped on a wave. The fanciful tales he wrote about the new board technology he invented made his point.

Morey Boogie Was a Real Estate Agent

In 1971, Morey created a board that has become synonymous with surfing. While the board itself was never a hit, the concept of a three-piece surfboard changed the culture of the beach. Morey also developed concepts for wave pools and surfboards that used liquid for traction. Despite being an inventor of a wildly popular board, Morey did not become a rich man. Born in Detroit, he spent his early years in Laguna Beach, California. He studied mathematics at UCLA and later worked for defense contractors and Douglas Aircraft.

Morey Boogie Was a Homemaker

Morey Boogie, a homemaker who shaped his own boogies, has passed away. The homemaker spent many years creating her business. She started by gluing pre-shaped boogies to wood and finishing them with tape. Her first finished boards sold for $37, her age at the time. She hoped this would cover the costs and make a profit. When the toy was sold, she made an additional $20 profit.

Morey Boogie Sold the Company

Morey Boogie was a famous surfboard, but it was not until 1977 that Kransco bought the company that the company received its first sale. In 1980, Kransco sold the company to Tom Morey, who sold it to a San Francisco company that made polystyrene. Fortunately for the company, the product continues to be made and sold today. Kransco has a large distribution network, and has expanded the Boogie brand to include several other brands.

Morey Boogie's Legacy

Morey Boogie's impact on the surfing industry was vast and varied. Not only did he create new surfboard designs, he also invented a universal language and number system. The entrepreneur's legacy spans several industries and millions of lives. From surfing to utensils, Morey made an impact on every one of them. While he may not have won the Nobel Peace Prize, his innovations and inventions have touched millions of lives.

Phyllis Dameron

The Boogie Board is a unique and popular kind of bodyboard. Invented by Tom Morey in 1977, it's the first female board to hit the market. It's made from closed cell polyethylene packing foam, so it's cheaper and safer than a traditional surfboard. The first boogies were sold to children for under $30, and the concept has gained worldwide popularity.

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