Who is the Best Wakesurfer in the World?

September 16, 2022 2 min read

So, who is the best wakesurfer in the world? Noah Flegel, 21 years old from Dallas, has been named the world's best wakesurfer. He's making his name in the wakesurfing world and is quickly gaining popularity. He recently won a competition with fellow wakesurfers and was voted the best in the world by his peers.

Noah Flegel

Noah Flegel is a multiple-time world champion wakesurfer. He is also a world-renowned wake foiling instructor. He combines the best of all worlds: a mind-blowing surfer in the ocean with a masterful performance behind the boat. Noah's skills make him pure entertainment for his fans. Not only does Noah Flegel compete at the highest level in wakesurfing and wakeboarding, but he also designed his own line of wake foiling boards, which are available in a variety of sizes.

The Hyperlite Transistor wakesurf board is designed for a high-performance wakeboarding experience. It features a flat base, a low-profile P-wing fin, and a switch-friendly pintail design. It is the most advanced skim style board in the Hyperlite wakesurf line.


If you're thinking about buying a wakesurfer equipment, the Slingshot Mothership is a great choice. This wakeboard comes in two sizes, one with a single 6'' fin and the other without, and both are designed with a wide surface area and full EVA deck pads. You won't feel tangled or crowded when surfing, and the boards' torsional strength will give you a powerful and stable ride.

Slingshot 2020 Hover Glide Foil Wakesurf

The Slingshot 2020 Hover Glide Wakesurf is a new hybrid surf foiling board that features a modified version of their original wakesurfer. Its track mount and two-fin configuration makes it a more advanced and compact option for advanced surf foilers.

For those with a serious foiling fever, the Hover Glide Foil Wakesurfer V3 Package is perfect for you. It is designed for heavier riders and is setup for true foiling. It also has a wide stance for better stability and increased speed.

The Hover Glide FSurf V3 has a 76cm front wing and a 28" mast. It's stable and easy to ride for both beginners and more experienced foilers. The board's design allows riders to adjust the level of lift based on their preference.

The FSurf foil is ideal for more advanced riders looking for speed and power. Part of Slingshot's signature Hover Glide foil platform, the FSurf's aluminum structure and carbon wings are designed to increase responsiveness and give riders more distance to pump their foil.

The Slingshot 2020 Hover Glide's lightweight carbon construction and short design make it an excellent choice for advanced wake foilers. The two-fin configuration allows you to catch five or six waves behind the wakesurfing boat. The Slingshot Hover Glide Foil Wakesurfer is considered the best wake foiling board in its class.

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