Who Sells the Most SUP Boards?

July 16, 2022 3 min read

What companies sell the most surfboards? In the early 1960s, Dewey Weber left his job as manager of a surf shop in Venice Beach, California, and started his own operation. Weber was a smart businessman, and his merchandising was sophisticated. He also benefited from an east coast market for a while. He was one of the best-known surfboard manufacturers of all time, but in recent years he's been outmatched by rivals. It's good to have surfboard bag, so don't forget to check popular surfboard bag brands and how to pack two surfboards!

Lost Surfboards

The original Mayhem board was unveiled to the world in 1987, but it took another five or six years for the brand to take its signature shape. The Lost Surfboards trademark evolved over the years, as the shapers tweaked their templates and continued to refine their shaping processes. Today, the Lost Surfboards business produces hundreds of boards each week and employs a brace of skilled craftsmen. Boards made by Lost are often seen at popular surf destinations, including the Gold Coast and South-East Asia. The Lost Surfboards factory is located on Calle De Los Molinos, in the city of San Clemente, California.


Who sells the most SUP boards? Dale Velzy, a legendary surfer who died in 2005, was the man who gave the industry a boost. Born in 1936 in Hermosa Beach, California, Velzy was a cowboy, mechanic, and woodworker who had a passion for the ocean. He began surfing at the age of nine, and at ten he began shaping surfboards from balsa/redwood laminates. The legendary Velzy was widely credited with being the first to hang ten.


The Hypto Krypto, designed by Craig Anderson and sold worldwide, is arguably the most popular board in Haydenshapes' line. Known for its hybrid new school and retro surf designs, the board is a favourite among most surfers. The Australian-manufactured version also gets high marks for its construction and durability. Although it's not the most expensive board in the line, it's still one of the most affordable options for customizing your board.

L.J. Richards

While L.J. Richards sells the most surfboards, he isn't actually named after him. The first surfboard brand he sold was ACME, which was a fake California firm. In the 1960s, L.J. Richards shaped surfboards, starting with an early board with four-inch wooden stringers running down the center. Later, he shaped boards for his friends, including Don Hansen and Mike Doyle. He was a California-based businessman and a great surfer. His boards were also shaped by Don Hansen and Mike Doyle, who both had great surfboards.

Doug Hansen

In 1962, the HANNON company became the most popular brand. However, Doug Hansen's company is best known for the Banana surfboard, which is still one of the most popular boards in the world. The company began as an amateur shaper, but in 1964 moved into a commercial operation. The company's most successful models are the Banana, Cheater, Trestle Special, and Rapier. Many professional riders wore Hansen's boards, including L.J. Richards and Rus Miller, as well as Linda Benson.

Doug Roth

If you're in the market for a new surfboard, you may be wondering how to pick a good one. You might be surprised to learn that there are hundreds of different types to choose from. But if you are interested in a particular style, you can check out the Doug Roth website for tips on choosing the right one for you. This company's history goes back to the mid-60s and is still one of the most popular in the industry.

Future Flex

The Future Flex is Haydenshape's signature performance board. It features a custom-shaped EPS core and a stringer-less carbon fiber frame. Its shape makes it ideal for speedy, maneuverable surfing. Several of the company's professional athletes are associated with the FutureFlex, including Craig Anderson of Billabong and Creed Mctaggart from X-Games. Many of you think about purchasing some of board socks. But are board socks worth money? Read our next article to find out.

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