Why Are Paddles Angled?

August 17, 2022 2 min read

Paddles come in various designs. Feathered paddles, sup angled paddles, and twists were all used by the Inuit in a movie. Those that are angled away from the paddler are known as power faces. Their shape is similar to that of a spoon used to scoop soup. A spoon that is concave will lift and carry soup, but one with a convex surface will not.

Angling Paddles Are Designed for Speed

Those who like to paddle fast, better be using angling paddles that are designed with high-speed performance in mind. Typically, carbon or fiberglass shafts are used for lightweight, durable paddles. Other materials are used for a variety of applications, such as asymmetrical blades. Lightweight composites are a popular choice, and their asymmetrical shape provides a better surface for paddling.

Depending on your personal preferences, angling paddles may have varying blade shapes. Generally, four-piece paddles feature more clips on their shafts, and four-piece models are usually more flexible than two-piece models. Nonetheless, you should know that four-piece paddles can become useless if you lose one of them. Single-piece paddles, on the other hand, have no clips to hold the blade sections together. Additionally, they can break.

Choosing the correct blade material can also influence overall weight and performance. Carbon fiber paddles are incredibly light, but aren't necessary for most anglers. Composite paddle blades provide the same performance benefits as carbon fiber, but are less likely to break or dent. They are also easier to store, allowing you to bring your paddle with you. However, carbon fiber paddles are more expensive. However, if you have the budget, you can also buy a carbon-fiber-reinforced composite paddle blades.

Twisted Paddles Were Used By the Inuit in a Film

In a recent documentary, the Inuit used twisted double paddles to test a new design of folding kayak. Although the design is impressive, the Inuit were unable to adjust to the unusual paddling motion caused by the twisted paddles. The film revealed that these twisted paddles were difficult for the Inuit to use and were adapted only for modern times. It is unclear if the Inuit were truly using twisted paddles.

The baidarka was a canoe used by the Inuit. They used these boats while kneeling or sitting down. The baidarka was 21 feet long, which made it possible for a whole family to be transported. The baidarkas were used for travel, fishing trips, and hunting excursions. Although the baidarkas were primitive, they were also highly functional.

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