Why Do Guys Wear Muscle Shirts?

June 14, 2022 3 min read

If you are a guy who enjoys working out at the gym, you know that you are not alone. People around you are looking at your outfit and passing judgment. They may even look away if they're caught, but this does not mean that you have to let people stare at you, either. If you want to boost your self-esteem while working out, you can buy a muscle shirt and show off your new figure in the gym.

Body Coverage

T-shirts are made of either cotton or polyester, both of which are natural fibers. Muscle shirts are not the standard choice for undershirts. The lack of sleeved and cuffed shirts makes them difficult to find in the mainstream. Most men who wear them look worse than they really are, which only adds to their lack of respect. Men wear muscle shirts for two reasons: they show off their muscled bodies and they feel good about themselves. For these reasons, they are known as "wife beaters."

While they're not as revealing as they'd like, muscle shirts are an excellent option for fat guys who want to emphasize their arms. Big guys can use stringer tees to conceal their pit sweat. They can also use sizing up to 9XL. For the most comfortable option, check out KingSize's line of big guys' clothing. You'll be surprised to learn that their clothing ranges from small to extra-large.


Tailoring a muscle shirt is easy and the result is a smarter shirt than what you've been wearing. The shirt should taper from the chest down to the waist and follow the shape of your body, creating a clean silhouette. To add the perfect finishing touch, the shirt should have two vertical back darts, which help create a sharp fit in the lower back and waist. You can then cut a pocket in the back to store your phone or keys.

The sleeves of a muscle shirt should sit close to your shoulder. If the seams are across your arm, you've bought a poorly-fitting shirt. If they're closer to the collar bone, it's too tight. In addition, muscle shirts should have a high armhole, which will help the sleeve fit your arm shape. Make sure to fill out your sleeve so that it flatters your figure. Whether you want to look cool and casual at the same time, you can choose from simple t-shirt styles, muscle shirts for the gym, tank tops for guys and more

Undershirt Options

Undershirts made for guys wearing muscle t-shirts can come in various materials. Most of them feature a scoop neck and sweat-wicking properties that make them perfect for workouts and hot summer days. However, if you're worried that your muscle t-shirt will show through, then look no further. Undershirts made with Swoosh's Dri-FIT technology are ideal for those who want to stay cool and comfortable all day long.

For maximum comfort, find an undershirt made with 94% tencel material. The tencel material is soft and breathable, which is essential for comfort. RibbedTee's EVO TENCEL undershirt is similar to Mr. Davis Premium Tailored Undershirt but features raglan sleeves. It also has a high-quality construction with a cotton/polyester blend for added warmth and cooling.


One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying muscle shirts is sizing. These types of clothing tend to be tight fitting and can look very small if you don't order the right size. Because of this, sizing should be based on how big your body is. Some muscle shirts are designed to fit snugly, while others may have a loose fit. To avoid any embarrassing situations, sizing should be based on the shape of your body. Make sure you know the difference between a sleeveless shirt and a tank.

The sleeve seam of a muscle shirt should be positioned close to the shoulder. If it reaches the collar bone, the shirt may be too big for you. Armholes should be high to allow for ease of movement, and the neck should not bind at the lower portion of your neck. If you're looking for the most comfortable fit, you'll want a muscle shirt that tapers from the chest to the waist.

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