Why Do Kids Wear Swim Shirts?

September 08, 2022 3 min read

Kids' swim shirts have many benefits for the health of your child. Besides protecting them from the sun and the water, time spent outside can increase focus, reduce stress, and improve mood. Kid's bikini doesn't have the same protection. Time spent in nature can even help you heal faster if you have an illness. Additionally, spending time outdoors promotes physical activity, which is vital for the long-term health of your child. Movement helps strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve overall health.

Sun Protection

Kids' swim shirts are a great way to protect your child's skin from the sun's UV rays. They're lightweight, quick-drying, and protect your child from the sun's harmful rays. Many rashguards are made with a UPF 50 or higher, which is far better than a regular white t-shirt's UPF of 7. Swimshirts are better choice than bikini for kids under 2.

Sunscreen is an important part of sun protection for kids. There are several kinds of sunscreen, including a classic lotion and a spray. You'll want to apply them liberally to protect their skin, and remember to apply sunscreen to their arms and legs. A good recommendation is to apply two ounces of sunscreen, which is about the size of a shot glass. Kids should apply about half the amount of sunscreen that an adult wears. It will depend on the size of the child, and whether they're wearing long sleeved or short sleeves.

Swimsuits are also a great option for outdoor play. They're comfortable and lightweight, and provide the necessary protection from the sun without sacrificing style. Many of the popular swimwear brands offer sun-protective swimwear and accessories. For example, SunGuard is a laundry additive that adds UPF protection to clothes. Some major retailers carry this product. Using sunscreen while wearing a swimsuit will help protect your child from harmful rays, even if they're not going in the water.


When buying a new swimming shirt for your child, there are a few factors to consider, including price, material, and style. Children will often need a large size, which will make it hard to get the perfect fit. The most popular kids' swim shirts are made from anti-pilling polyester fabric with four-way stretch, offering plenty of flexibility and comfort. They usually offer UPF 50+ protection, which helps protect against harmful rays from the sun. Raglan sleeves offer full range of movement, and the casual fit gives the shirts a more relaxed look.


If you're looking for a swimsuit for your child, the material is an important factor. You'll want to select a material that your child feels comfortable in and that won't restrict their movement while swimming. Most swimming shirts are designed for long periods of swimming. Long-sleeved models are usually made with UV-protecting UPF (ultraviolet protection factor), which is similar to SPF. Long-sleeved swim shirts are also lightweight and feature anti-microbial microfibre, which helps wick away sweat.

Choose swimming shirts that are made of a moisture-wicking fabric, such as polyester. This material is soft and doesn't show signs of sweating, and it dries quickly after swimming. Choose a polyester/spandex fabric, which is stretchy, and will maintain its shape through repeated washings. Polyester/spandex also has UPF 50 protection for exposed parts of the body, which is important for kids who will spend a lot of time in the water. If you're questioning if 3 year old should wear bikini, read here more about it.

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