Why Do People Carry Two Surfboards in a Car?

July 15, 2022 4 min read

Many surfers will carry two surfboards in their car, but why? Most cars are large enough to carry a surfboard that is up to eight feet long. However, if you need to haul a surfboard longer than eight feet, it may not fit comfortably in the car. In this article, we'll discuss storing and transporting your surfboard safely.

Leash Strings

To attach your board to your leash, you will need to tie a string. The string should be long enough to reach the rail and not too long. The string will stretch as you pull it tight, but if you are going to use Velcro, make sure it's long enough for the rail saver. The leash string is made of elastic that will stretch when you pull it tight. Leash strings are available in various colors and designs.

Choose high-quality leashes, which will last longer and be more durable. Cheaper ones are often made of cheap material and are prone to breakage. Quality leashes will withstand heavy use and have fewer breaks. Look for leashes that are at least 7mm in diameter, as smaller waves will still have plenty of power. Make sure you test the leash before you buy it. If it feels too tight, you may have broken it.

Protecting Your Board From Damage

You may wonder how to protect your surfboard from being damaged while traveling in your car. The answer is simple, buy a good protective cover or rack pad to protect your surfboards. Make sure your longboard is at the bottom of the rack, fins facing up, and your other surfboard is stacked on top. Be sure to place your longboard in the bottom of the rack and stack it so that the fins don't touch. You should also invest in lockable tiedown straps to secure the surfboards to the rack.

There are many ways to protect your surfboard. The most common ways to damage your board include heat, UV exposure, and excessive force. Treat your board as if it were a delicate piece of glass. In most cases, you can repair damage yourself, but it's better to protect it by investing in a good board cover. Protecting your board from damage will help you get more use out of it in the long run.

Traveling With a Surfboard

Traveling with a surfboard in rented or personal vehicles can be a challenging experience. While it may seem simple at first, there are numerous considerations when traveling with your board. For instance, the size of your board is a crucial factor in deciding how you will transport it. It will be easier to travel with a shorter surfboard if it is wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in a travel bag. In addition to providing additional protection, these travel bags are a great way to take your board on a road trip.

Whether you're traveling for a day trip or a month, there are several ways to transport a surfboard. Some people travel with their boards in their pocket and change at a beach. Other people choose to transport their surfboards in a vehicle. In such a case, it is necessary to secure your surfboard securely with seatbelts or lashes. Alternatively, a van or station wagon might be the best option.

Choosing a Rack

When selecting a surfboard rack, compatibility is a critical factor. Hard roof racks require roof rails to secure your surfboard. Soft racks are flexible and can be installed on nearly any car. Specialized surfboard racks also allow you to transport kayaks. Consider what your specific needs are and which type will be the most convenient for you. A surfboard rack is one of the most important pieces of gear you can purchase for your vehicle.

Various shapes and sizes of surfboards require different rack configurations. Depending on the type of board, you may need a longer rack or a more curved one. In either case, the width of the rack is crucial. Fin placement is critical to avoid accidents. Fixed or removable, these fins can either rest on the top or bottom of the surfboard. Whether you want them on the deck or bottom of your surfboard will influence the type of rack you will need.

Traveling With a SUP

If you're looking for a convenient way to transport your stand up paddle board, you might want to consider travelling with an inflatable one. The inflated version of a SUP can easily be placed inside the trunk of a vehicle. It's not as convenient as storing your board on the roof of the vehicle, but it is a lot safer. There are several ways to transport an inflatable SUP.

First, you will need to install a roof rack system on your car. This rack can be soft or standard, and it comes with tie-down straps to keep it from falling out. It also comes with an adjustable height so it will fit any vehicle. This is particularly helpful for those who need to travel for several days, or want to portage between nearby bodies of water. In addition, the rack system can accommodate any height of car, making it easy to transport.

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