Why Do Snorkel Masks Cover the Nose?

July 31, 2022 3 min read

So, why do Snorkel masks cover the nose? If you're wondering if a snorkel mask is necessary for your dive, you are not alone. Many people don't realize that a nose-covered mask can help prevent water leaks. If you don't have one, here are a few tips to prevent nose leaks. Try these tips to avoid nose leaks when diving.

Full-Face Snorkel Masks

The full-face snorkel mask was developed for the purpose of protecting the nose and the face from the water. Since it covers the entire face, it offers a 180-degree panoramic field of vision, which allows you to see clearly without having to turn your head. Moreover, a high-quality full face mask has a shatter-proof window to minimize the risk of injury. There are four different sizes of full-face snorkel masks, ranging from small to extra-large.

The full-face mask provides 360-degree view, which is an important advantage when snorkeling. Besides, you don't need to turn your head to see everything, which is an important feature when you're trying to see. The full-face snorkel mask is also less constricting, so it won't cause any problems with leakage. And because it doesn't cover the mouth, you won't feel any constriction while breathing.

Traditional Snorkel Masks

A traditional snorkel mask is an excellent choice for ocean swimming and freediving. It is lightweight and easy to use for equalizing the pressure in your ears while submerged. The mouthpiece allows you to breathe freely, and the traditional mask's black silicone skirt helps block out peripheral light and improve your perception of colors underwater. A more traditional design is also less bulky. You can find an affordable and reliable set of traditional snorkel masks at Seaview.

Full face masks are generally larger than the nose portion of traditional masks, but some brands make smaller and extra-large versions. Besides, the Sea Vu Dry mask doesn't fog up, and its unique air circulation system allows natural breathing. Although snorkel masks are typically one size fits all, it's always best to opt for shape over size. First, determine the shape of your face. Then, find a mask that matches your face shape.

Cressi Lince Masks

Snorkel Masks cover the nose when used in the water. Most masks have clear or opaque skirts. While the dark skirt is preferred by many divers, clear skirts offer the same view that is achieved without the mask. Whether you choose a clear or opaque mask is a personal choice. Regardless of which style you choose, it is important to consider fit before purchasing a mask.

Some models of snorkel masks cover the nose and are characterized by their frame. The frame provides structure and mounting points for the mask's lenses. The frame is generally made of non-corrosive polycarbonate plastic. Some single lens masks are frameless, utilizing a unique assembly system for the lens and skirt. Despite this design, frameless snorkel masks tend to be lighter and have smaller volumes.

Riffe's Masks

While diving, the first thing you need to think about is whether or not a snorkel mask will cover your nose. Riffe's Snorkel masks cover the nose and are made of high-quality silicone, so that they are comfortable to wear. They also eliminate pressure points. In addition, they fit most face shapes. The Cressi Corsica snorkel is a professional-grade low-volume mask. It's made of high-quality silicon, and it includes a fog stop noise piece that minimizes fogging of the lenses. The Riffe Snorkel Mask is a frameless, single lens mask with a comfortable silicone skirt and one tempered glass lens.

The retaining strap for Riffe's Snorkel masks is made of soft silicone rubber and has a quick release adjustment system. It also serves as a mounting point for the snorkel. However, some divers do not like the wide silicone strap on the back. If you have long hair, it may not be the most comfortable mask. Moreover, it may be uncomfortable to wear the mask for a long time.


A Snorkel marker can choose from many types of mask. The Riffe is known for its quality spearfishing equipment, but the company also offers an affordable mask that is a great choice for beginners. The Riffe mask features a frameless design and a single tempered glass lens. They also fit most faces without pressure points.

Riffe's Cressi Lince Masks

Among all dive masks, Riffe's Cressi Linces cover the nose and provide a comfortable fit. The high-quality silicone skirt and two-lens design ensure the Lince is a great fit, especially for smaller faces. The easy-to-reach nose pocket and one-handed equalization strap make this mask perfect for diving or snorkeling, and the double-feathered edge soft silicone skirt allows a wide field of view. It is also extremely versatile and suitable for all types of diving, including scuba diving.

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