Why Do Surfers Wear Black Wetsuits?

June 15, 2022 3 min read

You might wonder why most surfers wear black wetsuits. The reasons are many, but most of them stem from personal preference. Read on to learn more about this choice and the benefits it brings to surfers. Black wetsuits are more heat-absorbing, are less noticeable to sharks, and look better on most people. Here are some of the main reasons why surfers choose black wetsuits.

Black Wetsuits Absorb More Heat

The main reason why wetsuits are black is because the synthetic neoprene material is easy to color, but black suits are still more expensive than their brightly colored counterparts. Aside from the fact that black suits are more affordable, black wetsuits are also more effective in blocking UV rays and insulating the body from heat. Scuba divers often spend hours in the water, so black suits will protect their bodies from the sun's damaging rays.

The lack of color in black makes it more absorbing of heat than any other color. Black also prevents UV rays from penetrating the suit. If you are not sure what to wear when surfing, black wetsuits are a great choice for beginner-level surfers as they blend into the water better. They are also more comfortable and help protect the body from hypothermia. And because black wetsuits can keep you warmer, you can wear them without worrying about the rays.

They Confuse Sharks

The concept of wetsuits is simple: they hide and confuse sharks. Sharks have a sixth sense, electroreception, and black wetsuits interfere with this. As a result, the silhouette of a single wearer is distorted, making it difficult for the shark to make out their shape. They are most likely not able to distinguish the color of a black wetsuit, but they cannot differentiate between a human and a seal.

The concept is based on two design principles: one is a striped, black and white suit, and the other is an aqua-blue wetsuit with three colors that sharks see. These colors match the color of the sun at a particular time of day, making a part of the wetsuit invisible to sharks. In addition, the black and blue patterns break up a swimmer's silhouette and confuse sharks.

They Block UV Rays

Surfing isn't an outdoor activity that can be put on hold due to poor weather, but black wetsuits are an ideal way to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. This is a good to know information, if you are going to wear surfing clothes in California. They're an essential accessory for surfing, and they are designed to block up to 50 percent of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. If you're concerned about the appearance of your wetsuit, consider adding a zinc paste or spray to any exposed skin.

While black wetsuits may be aesthetically pleasing, many surfers still wear the traditional white wetsuit. The black color provides more protection because it absorbs more heat. Plus, black is less likely to cause skin reactions than white wetsuits. In addition, black wetsuits also reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches the skin, particularly the hands. However, black wetsuits lack reflective properties, which may lead to irritation or even skin cancer.

They Look Better on Most People

A black wetsuit will look better on the majority of swimmers. Besides, black is also the most common color for wetsuits. Colored suits can also make swimmers stand out more, especially if they get dirty. However, this is not a good idea for competitive swimming, since water absorbs color from the light. Therefore, a colored wetsuit may not look as nice underwater as it does on land.

Although it's tempting to choose any color, the truth is that black looks better on most people. In addition to being the most attractive color, black also helps regulate body temperature. Moreover, black also offers the greatest protection from ultraviolet rays. Black wetsuits last longer and cost less than wetsuits in other colors. Black also makes the most sense if you're looking for comfort and style.

They Keep Surfers Warm

A wetsuit provides warmth, keeping the wearer comfortable and active. Extremely cold water causes muscles to tighten and flexibility to lose. Wetsuits retain body heat, allowing surfers to do tricks and try out new techniques. Ultimately, a wetsuit helps surfers surf longer and enjoy more fun. Here are some important tips for choosing a wetsuit. Make sure to read the labels and choose the proper size!

Black wetsuits have two major advantages. Black wetsuits reflect less sunlight than white suits, making them better at keeping the wearer warmer. They also help keep the body from absorbing the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Black wetsuits can protect the hands and legs because the color absorbs light. As a result, black wetsuits keep surfers warmer than their white counterparts.

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