Why Do Surfers Wear Bodysuits?

June 15, 2022 3 min read

Unlike traditional swimwear, surfers use bodysuits to stay warm in cold water.  Surfers also wear rash guards or nylon or spandex clothing to protect their skin from the sun. Surfers wear different types of clothes. In addition, they can use boardshorts, which are lightweight and quick-drying. A bodysuit can be either long or short depending on the individual's comfort and preferences. Unlike conventional swimwear, bodysuits are not overly expensive, but they do look good. 

Wetsuits Keep you Warm in Cold Water

Wetsuits help keep you warm in cold water because they trap heat inside them. Wetsuits are comprised of multiple layers and each one acts as an airlock. The neoprene foam traps body heat and keeps it trapped inside the wetsuit. The best wetsuits are made with layers that keep water in while still trapping heat inside the wetsuit.

To prevent hypothermia, wear a wetsuit with several layers. Each layer traps warm air inside the wetsuit. If there is only a single layer of wetsuit, your body will lose heat faster than your wetsuit can produce it. If this happens, seek help right away and do not move to offset the loss of heat. It can be fatal. Once you have begun feeling cold, you should immediately start to shiver and become drowsy.

Wetsuits are a necessity for watersport enthusiasts. While they are expensive, they can provide warmth during extreme cold weather. Wearing a wetsuit while diving or other water sports will protect you from a number of dangerous injuries. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced diver, a wetsuit can keep you protected and warm no matter what conditions you find yourself in. A wetsuit can help keep you warm in cold water for hours!

They Protect you From the Sun

Whether or not BODYSUITS protect you from the sun will depend on the fabric. Densely woven clothing is more protective than lightweight or sheer fabric. Because UV rays are able to penetrate such fabrics, you'll need to choose a type of fabric that has a high UPF rating. Dark blue denim, for example, has a high UPF rating, as it is thick and opaque. This material also blocks UV rays.

A good quality bodysuit will keep you protected from the sun even when you're not wearing it, and it should be breathable. Some suits have built-in liners that help you stay cool in hot weather, while others don't, so keep that in mind if you are preparing surfing clothes for California, the surfing paradise. Regardless of fabric type, remember that UV rays will damage the fabric if it is not breathable. When choosing a bodysuit, choose one that protects your skin.

They are Cheap

In the northern hemisphere, summer is just around the corner. That means that a high percentage of surfers are renewing their material for the upcoming season. The question is, where can you get a good deal on a cheap surfsuit? There are many places to purchase these suits, but you need to know which one is right for you. We'll explore the pros and cons of each.

A full wetsuit, also known as a Long Arm Steamer, is a type of wetsuit for people who surf in very cold water. The thickness of a fullsuit varies, but a 6mm one will give you more warmth than a 2mm one. You can also get a fullsuit with an attached hood. Fullsuits tend to be expensive compared to other wetsuits, so you may want to choose a cheaper one.

They Look Good

A bodysuit is a great way to show off tattoos and muscles. Unlike a bathing suit, a bodysuit does not get in the way of paddling. These jackets are generally made of two to one millimeter thick material and offer additional warmth for the top half of the body. However, a full chest zip can be uncomfortable while paddling. So, if you're not comfortable paddling while wearing a bodysuit, try wearing a bikini instead.

In addition to looking great on surfers, bodysuits offer extra warmth, which helps surfers stay in the water longer. Extremely cold water can cause the muscles to tighten and limit flexibility. A bodysuit keeps a surfer's body temperature steady, allowing them to do tricks and stay in the water longer. It also means they can catch more waves. If you're planning to wear a bodysuit, make sure it matches the weather and the type of surf you plan on riding.

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