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While you might see a surfer hitting the wipeout at the beach, slamming into the water seems like a pretty good deal. However, people can and do get injured while surfing and because of surfing, and the most common issues are injuries for the knees.

Here are some of the most common knee injuries that can happen to you while surfing, and how to prevent them from occurring.

High Ankle or ‘Syndesmosis’ Sprains

    One of the most common knee injuries are high ankle or ‘syndesmosis’ sprains, because your legs will get injured. This is often because of how surfers move their feet and land after surfing across a massive wave.

    When the surfers make their massive aerial moves and move around the waves as they do their flips and take to the air, they need to land at some point. 

    Learning how to land properly can be extremely important for any surfer because you don’t want to be putting undue pressure on your legs.

    Just like any other sport or activity where your body takes to the air, learning how to land is one of the most important things that needs to be done. Make sure that you are landing perfectly, because you won’t be putting that undue pressure on your legs every single time you ride the wave. The water will be the only fluid rather than needing some fluid therapy for knees!

    knee injures from surfing
    • Your Legs and Lower Half Aren’t Trained

    While many people think that anyone can surf and it is more about balance and dexterity than strength, you need to be able to have some strength in your legs and your core. Being able to have muscular legs can help you prevent knee injuries, because many people get injured because they simply aren’t prepared to handle the stress that surfing places on the body.

    You need to be able to absorb the force of landing on your legs, and also to learn how to take advantage of your full range of motion. The glutes and your core also need to be trained as well, because even making those small shifts with your body can help you out with keeping balance.

    • Stiff ‘Surfer’s Knee’ From Not Warming Up

    As you are surfing, you will be forcing your body into all sorts of different positions, some of which are going to be uncomfortable. If you aren’t flexible, then you will find that these movements make your body sore and your body might even resist them at first.

    Surfer’s kneecan develop if your body isn’t prepared for the movements of surfing, but thankfully there’s a way to handle it.

    For starters, you can focus on warming up before you start surfing. Stretch your body out, do some warm up exercises, and just get in the water and paddle around for a bit. Additionally, do some exercises on land and get your body limbered up before you hit the water. That will get your body prepared enough to resist surfer’s knee or any other soreness related injuries.

    • Injuries Because Of Compensation

    In the legs and also in various other parts of your body, you will find that when you surf your body might need to compensate for your weakness. For example, if your right leg isn’t your dominant leg and you are more comfortable using your left leg for surfing, you need to make sure that you have power in your entire body whenever you are surfing.

    Until then, you might be putting more and more stress on your left leg to compensate for the weakness in your right leg. That can lead to increased injury for your left leg and knee, until you get both of your legs strong and powerful

    Take Care Of Your Knees And Work With A Coach

    In order to reduce the massive risk that you can place on your body whenever you are surfing, you need to make sure that you have a good coach who is teaching you everything you need to know about proper stance and who will let you know about your weaknesses and limitations. They will help you resist injury and will ensure that you are able to spend less time with knee pain and more time out on the waves!

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