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The beach is the destination for most people looking to escape the stress in their daily lives. Many college students flock to the beach and use the opportunity to relax and meet new people. Aside from building sand castles and playing beach volleyball, surfing is another activity many students stand to benefit from. In this article, we cover six positives that surfing brings to students' health.

6 Ways Surfing Can Help Boost Students’ Health

If you are a college student, then you may want to consider picking up surfing as a hobby for these six reasons:

1. stress relief
2. better muscles
3. improved flexibility
4. onfidenceb boost
5. vitamin D for the skin
6. burning calories

    Stress Relief

    Surfing is very helpful in relieving stress, as you are entirely in control. You get to decide how much effort you put in, when to take a break, and when to continue.

    surfer on a beach

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    Better Muscles

    Surfing might look easy, but it requires many muscles to work in coordination. Areas such as the back, arms, and legs benefit the most from surfing. This is true whether you paddle your board or ride a 6-foot wave. Also, your posture will likely improve from surfing as it helps train your entire body for proper alignment.

    Improved Flexibility

    When surfing, you must have your balance, or you may easily fall off your board. Don’t feel bad if this happens to you the first couple of times because, with practice, your agility will improve. This improved flexibility can help prevent joint aches and improve students' lives in their daily activities.

    Confidence Boost

    The first time you try out surfing, you might not even be able to stand on the board for more than a few seconds. However, like most things, with practice comes better ability, which also brings confidence. The journey from beginner to advanced surfer can help college student’s mental health as it can improve self-belief in their abilities to meet their goals. You can check this for more information on how sports, in general, can also enhance students’ learning process. A healthy mind leads to better academic results, after all.

    Vitamin D For The Skin

    As surfing is an outdoor activity, your skin gets valuable vitamin D from the sun. This vitamin has many benefits, such as the regulation of calcium and phosphate in the body and stronger bones. Vitamin D has also been shown to reduce pain in the body. However, make sure to keep some sunscreen around to avoid getting sunburned.

    surfing for health

    Burning Calories

    If you want to lose weight, surfing will help you do that. It’s a complete body workout that will push you to your limits. What makes surfing great for burning calories is that you get to have fun while doing so.

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    Bottom Line

    Surfing can improve the mind and body whether as a stress reliever or muscle builder. Students stand the most out of it as it can help them handle academic responsibilities much better. If you are looking for a way to stay fit, enjoy the outdoors and get a cool hobby in the process, give surfing a go today!

    Author - Aleksandra Djurdjevic
    Sandra Dodrill           

    Freelance Writer and Fitness Guru

    Sandra Dodrill is a freelance writer and fitness guru. She enjoys exercising and has helped many people create a more healthy lifestyle. Surfing is her preferred activity, and seeing its benefits, Sandra hopes more people will also develop an interest in it.

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