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The surf world is a finicky one. Any surfer will tell you that. However, with so many different brands and styles of expensive boardshorts to choose from, it's easy for your head to spin when you're trying to decide what pairs are right for you. With such a vast selection, the average consumer doesn't have time to do extensive research before buying new boardshorts and needs more professional information to make the right choice. So, when it comes to summer, there is no escaping the decision to choose a new set of trunks for the season. Therefore, finding a good pair of men's board shorts can be hard. Also, finding women's board shorts is not easy, maybe even harder. But before you embark on a mission to find a new pair, you must first answer a few questions about yourself. With a quick survey of the market, you can find a wide range of prices and quality levels. They can range from as low as $20 to as high as $150+. The cheapest trunks for surfing available are typically made from synthetic materials and are cheaply made. The higher-end versions are usually made from high-quality cotton and rayon fabrics, as well as use dyes that are colored with pigment. To find out more keep reading our guide. So, let's get started.

What to Look Out for While Choosing Surf Trunks. Choosing Material

Board shorts or swim shorts are expensive. If you're like me, you like to wear shorts while surfing or swimming in the ocean for example. But when you get out of the water, your shorts are sopping wet and it's not sustainable for your clothes to be wet all the time. You want to buy some board shorts for surfing, but they are so expensive. What should you look for when you buy board shorts? Here are some tips.

Start with choosing the material. What fabric do you prefer? Board shorts typically come in either polyester, rayon, linen, cotton, or spandex. Polyester or rayon is more durable than cotton or linen, but cotton and linen might be more comfortable. Therefore, a decent pair of trunks should last you a season. Keep in mind that these things don't need to be expensive. Most trunks will range from $20-$30, but it doesn't hurt to look for a cheaper option. As long as they're not cotton, then they should be just as durable and water-resistant.

Everyone Has a Pair of Board Shorts. Why are They So Expensive?

The one industry that has not been affected by the recession is the fashion industry. Men are still buying designer clothes and also wear board shorts even if they can't afford them. Board shorts are one of the most expensive kinds of trunks you can buy. This is because board shorts are made to endure some of the harshest conditions. You can wear them on the beach, on your boat, on your surfboard, or while swimming in the pool. Board shorts are designed to fit tightly around your legs. They are also made to dry quickly, which is why they usually don't have tags on them. The one downside to board shorts is that they don't usually need ironing and they don't cost very much.

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How to Get the Best Price

Swim trunks are not easy to find these days. It seems that board shorts are lacking in most mainstream stores, yet are readily available on the internet. A few major stores that are carrying them on the sales floor are Nordstrom, H&M, and Tommy Hilfiger. Yet, on the internet, there is practically a whole world of goods to choose from. The prices for board shorts vary greatly on the internet. For example, you can find $5 board shorts at stores like Hollister, or $100 board shorts at stores like Tommy Hilfiger. Board shorts prices depend on not just the brand or where you buy them, but also how you wear them.

So, how Much Can You Really Spend on a Pair of Shorts for Surfing?

How much can you really spend on a pair of shorts? The mentality of men is to be thrifty. That is why many of us may be wondering why board shorts are so expensive. Boardshorts are not cheap, of course. However, they are also not as expensive as some may think. The problem is that some people do not know how to shop for them. The more expensive material, the more expensive the board short. The more complicated the style, the more expensive the board short.

We'll Explore the Raw Materials Needed for Boardshorts

Board shorts are expensive for two reasons. The first reason is the cost of the materials. It's not uncommon for boardshorts to be composed of up to 20% spandex, which is expensive because it's sourced from petroleum. Secondly, the cost of clothes has risen in general. Consumers often face markups when they go to mall clothes stores because the clothes are marked up to mark up the cost of the mall space. This is why it's important to purchase clothes, especially board shorts, online.

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Manufacturing Costs and Technology

In the past few years, men swim trunks have gone from being a summer day staple to a fall and winter staple. The rise in popularity is due in part to the increase in online shopping and the emergence of fast fashion. In order to maintain a competitive price point, sports brands have been forced to keep their prices low, but at the sacrifice of quality. The problem is that board shorts, like other types of high-performance garments, require expensive materials and a lot of time for a skilled designer and engineer to design and produce. Board shorts that are made with quality nylon or other breathable material can cost up to $14+ per yard. However, the best quality, breathable materials are more expensive than cotton, polyester. Thus, most people don't realize the reason why boardshorts seem so expensive.

Quite simply, there is a lot that goes into making a pair of board shorts. The buttons, drawstrings, pockets, and other features on the board shorts cannot be the cheap fasteners and pockets that are found on cheaper garments such as polos and T-shirts. These features add to the cost of the board shorts as well. Another factor is the amount of fabric and labor needed to make a garment. The more fabric and labor, the more expensive the board shorts for surfing will be.

Lastly, the factory costs and shipping and import fees also contribute to the board shorts' price. The more expensive the boardshorts, the more expensive the costs were during production and to bring them.

Pricing Decisions

I want to address the question of why surfboard shorts cost so much. First, shorts for surfing are a guy's clothing, but guys wear a guy's clothing a little differently from girls. Guys usually wear shorts as the bottom part of the outfit, instead of as a top, as girls do with a skirt or dress. Girls often wear skirts as a bottom layer for modesty. In the summertime, the weather is often hot, and as a result, guys need something to keep them from overheating too, so they will wear a shirt or tank top so their body can have a chance to cool down. The tradeoff for this is that girls can wear a skirt or dress as a bottom layer so it is cool.

Final Thoughts

So now you know why board shorts for surfing are so expensive. They're made from the best materials and have a lot of features that help to make them one of the most popular types of swimwear for men and women alike. If you’re not into buying a pair right away though, there are plenty of other affordable options available at stores like Target, Amazon or Walmart. You should also try thrift stores if you want to save even more money! Despite all the above-mentioned information surfers wear board shorts and try to buy the best quality to make their surfing as amazing as possible. I suggest you try to make one board shorts yourself, you can certainly afford it and it can be fun.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Can board shorts get wet?

Yes. They can come into the water if the swimmer dives, skims the surface, or splashes. Water can drip off of them when you get out of the water. They can get wet if they get pushed into the water by waves.

Why do girls wear board shorts?

This is based on the fact that the boardshorts originated from the surfing community. Girls wear boardshorts because they denote athleticism and a sense of strength. Since it has been traditionally assumed that females are not as strong or athletic as males, females are making far more of an effort to rise above their gender stereotypes and do not want to be classified as a delicate flower – they want to be taken seriously and wear things that show that they can be athletic.

Can board shorts be worn as regular shorts?

Board shorts are to be only worn when on a surfboard. Regular shorts are not to be worn when on a surfboard or paddleboard. If you see someone wearing regular shorts swimming or on a paddleboard, then he or she is either not a surfer or is a beginner. board shorts are a different fabric than regular shorts and are often made from the same material as a wetsuit. The fabric is a solid color, not stripes like you would see on regular shorts.

Are board shorts supposed to be tight?

Board shorts are typically a casual type of garment, and as such there are no defined rules in regards to fit, but rather they are supposed to have a relaxed fit. The reason why shorts would have a looser fit is due to the fact that people usually wear them on the beach, where loose and breathable fabrics are preferable.

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