Why Do Girls Wear Board Shorts?

May 31, 2022 3 min read

Why do girls wear board shorts? There are many reasons, including their comfort and versatility. They cover up problem areas and look like a pro surfer. However, the biggest reason girls wear board shorts is their insecurities. This article will discuss why they wear these shorts and the best way to overcome these insecurities. If you're thinking about buying a pair for yourself, there are a few tips you can follow.

Insecurities Lead to Girls Wearing Board Shorts

Why do insecurities lead to girls wearing board-shorts? They may feel uncomfortable because they can't figure out whether their legs look skinny enough or not. While traditional swim shorts have a lining, board shorts don't. This can cause insecurities, so you'll want to find the right fit. A few tips for getting the perfect fit:

They are Versatile

The versatility of BOARD SHORTS allows you to wear them for many different activities. From swimming to surfing, they're perfect for all kinds of water sports. With their clean, modern fit, they are easy to wear with just about any type of shirt. Some styles work best with button-down shirts, while others look great with a t-shirt. Read on to learn how to wear board shorts to the beach and get a new style every time you go!

One popular style among surfers is the Hybrid Board Short. These boardshorts feature a soft blend of polyester and spandex that won't irritate the skin and won't require dry cleaning. They also feature a zippered side pocket and UPF 30 protection. These versatile board shorts are available in both short and long inseams. You can also find a pair of these shorts that have the tall inseam of 10 inches and a short inseam of 11".

They Cover Problem Areas

Board shorts are often worn by girls to hide flaws. A one-piece swimsuit shows off the pads on the bottom and boardshorts cover the pads. Other girls wear them as a way to protect their lower body from the sand, which can cause serious health problems. Board shorts also give girls the option of wearing shorts in different colors to match their swimsuits. However, not all girls are comfortable with board shorts.

Board shorts also feature mesh lining that allows air circulation beneath them. This provides extra "private" security. The mesh lining keeps the waterproof outer layer away from the skin, preventing chafing and embarrassing rashes. Board shorts with mesh lining are usually longer, and the leg length is loose and long. This prevents uncomfortable sticking or rubbing, and may be less irritating than bulky underwear.

They Look Like a Pro Surfer

In the early 70's, women started to reduce the size of their bikini bottoms and throw away the tops, but men didn't follow the same trend. In fact, they continued to wear swimming trunks and board shorts. Today, few men show their thigh-highs or dicky bird outline in public. This is due to the increasing popularity of surfing.

Women's board shorts come in different materials. The best option for surfers is made of stretch fabric. This fabric offers flexibility and allows for optimal range of motion. There are three types of stretch fabric: 1 way stretch, 2 way stretch, and 4-way stretch. Among them, the 4 way stretch fabric offers the most freedom. Professional surfers usually wear these shorts. Cotton fabric is generally used in 'lifestyle' style shorts and is a poor choice for surfing. However, it is breathable.

If you're looking for a pair of women's board shorts, you can find them in different colors and patterns. There's even a pair with cargo pockets. Cargo pockets are great for surfing, as you won't want to lay on them when waiting for a set. Eastern board shorts from RVCA offer a cargo pocket setup. They also come with a high-quality polyester-elastane fabric and a scalloped hem.

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