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There are many reasons for surfers to go out early in the morning, including getting the vitamin D they need from sunlight. Also, waves may be better at other times of the day. Tide, wind intensity, and direction all play a part in determining when it's best to go out for a surf session. This article aims to shed some light on these questions. Read on to learn why surfers surf early in the morning and what you should look for.

What is the Dawn Patrol?

What is the Dawn Patrol? It's an important mission for the 25th Infantry Division, and the son of Kenneth Owens, a decorated war veteran. These men fly over the main supply routes to look for signs of enemy interdiction. The men then radio back information about possible mines and roadblocks. This early morning reconnaissance can be extremely valuable, allowing soldiers to start their day early and get in some early hiking and biking.

Courtney has an important mission, but he doesn't have enough men. He asks Brand for a few men to replace the lost crew members, but he says he'll get more soon.

surfing in the morning

He agrees to fly a mission and picks two experienced pilots from the four green pilots. However, when the dawn patrol begins, only four of the crew members return. Scott, his pilot, has been killed. The British bring in a German pilot named Hauptmann von Mueller, who graciously accepts Courtney's offer to join the squadron.

Not everyone is cut out for the military or the dawn patrol. The name "dawn patrol" comes from military dawn reconnaissance flights. It's now used by recreationists to describe a 5 am adventure before work. Although it's risky, it can be an awesome way to fit two days into one. Depending on the tidal range and local spot, you might not get to catch the perfect wave, but the reward is worth it.

Why it’s Not Always Best in the Morning

Although the sun is higher in the morning, many surfers find the early hours more pleasant. This is because there are fewer people on the beach, fewer crowds, and a lack of wind. Even crowded breaks are more peaceful in the early morning. Despite the heat and lack of crowds, surfers often report feeling sleepy after a morning session. This is an excellent time to get some exercise, too.
While it is better to surf in the morning because fewer people are out, it is also riskier for beginners. A bad morning is a bad day. It can even ruin your evening.

And if you're a beginner, you can easily get beaten up by a grumpy crowd of fellow surfers. So, why is it better to surf in the morning? Let's take a closer look. During the day, many people are at work, and early mornings are often the only hours of the day when waves are usually the cleanest. Nevertheless, early morning and evening surf sessions can be great, too.

The best time to surf in these times is when the sun is still high in the sky, making the waves ideal for surfing. In addition to that, there are fewer people on the beach, making it a more pleasant experience.

Is it Better to Surf on an Incoming or Outgoing Tide

There are two basic types of tides: incoming and outgoing. While outgoing tides are usually weaker, the incoming tide is much safer for learning to surf. The incoming tide is about one hour before high tide, and it has plenty of time to reach the shore. The incoming tide also has less current running through it, which makes the waves a little easier to catch.

Depending on your location and skill level, the best time to surf will vary. An incoming tide is best for new surfers because the waves are more intense, and the water is usually calmer. But be careful not to surf at a low tide, as the waves may be stronger! If you are planning to surf near a river mouth, be sure to check the tide before you go.

Trade Winds

Many surfers get up early, grab their favorite surf gear and go to hit the waves in the morning. Surfing in the early hours of the day is great because waves tend to be smaller and the winds are less. Also, there are fewer people out on the water at this time. However, it's not always the most fun time of day to catch waves. It can be extremely hot and humid in the morning, so you'll want to head out early.

Another reason to surf early is the better waves and fewer crowds. Winter surf spots are often better for catching waves, so the early birds tend to score the better waves. Moreover, the winds in the morning tend to be lighter and more predictable, and there are fewer people in the lineups. In addition, the waves are more consistent in size. All of these factors make early morning surfing a much better choice.

Offshore winds blow out to sea. They create steeper waves, which are more thrilling to ride. Generally, offshore winds tend to occur in the early morning hours, while onshore winds are more prevalent in the late afternoon. In both cases, more surfers are on the water earlier in the day. In addition, the winds often blow from land to the sea. Morning winds tend to be more consistent in waves, but the same stretch of beach may have different conditions throughout the day.


One of the main reasons to surf in the morning is the fact that it is usually less crowded, and therefore less stressful for the body and the board. The quality of the waves also depends on the wind, and most surf spots tend to favor offshore winds or no wind. This is the ideal time to catch a good wave because the water temperature is close to the earth's surface temperature. Morning breaks also typically have onshore winds.

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A few weeks ago, I had the good fortune of surfing on a beach in Uluwatu, Bali. A few hours before dawn, I woke up and rode the first waves of the day. It was an incredible experience, and a fantastic way to start the day. In fact, I continued surfing even after the sun went down, and remained in the water until my stomach felt full.

This film is a beautiful, artistic movie about the counterculture of the late sixties and early seventies. It chronicles the lives of surfers in unspoiled lands. During a time when many young men feared being drafted into the military, it's nice to hear the message in this movie. Even though it doesn't have dialogue, it's hard not to feel inspired by the message.

Some People Also Wonder

Why is surfing in the morning better?

When it comes to catching waves, timing is everything. And the early bird definitely catches the worm when it comes to surfing. Here are five reasons why surfing in the morning is better. The waves are usually better in the morning. The wind is typically calmer in the morning, which means the waves are better for surfing. There are fewer people surfing in the morning. This means more waves for you and less competition. The water is usually warmer in the morning. This is because the sun has had a chance to warm up the water all day. The light is usually better in the morning.

Do surfers surf in the morning?

There's nothing like hitting the waves first thing in the morning. The water is usually calm and the air is fresh. But do surfers actually surf in the morning? It turns out that the answer is both yes and no. Some surfers prefer to surf in the morning, while others find the evening waves more to their liking. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference. When we compare surfing and snowboarding, the common thing for both is that people love to do both sports in the morning and of course that both sports are on board. 

What are early morning surfers called?

Early morning surfers are called "dawn patrollers." They are the first to hit the waves each day, and they often have the best surf conditions of the day.

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