What Are Early Morning Surfers Called?

July 15, 2022 3 min read

There are many different ways to describe the 'Dawn Patrol' and 'Line up' of surfers who hit the waves early in the morning. Learn the differences between these four surfers to identify the right spot for your next surfing excursion. You'll be surprised how easily you can identify one from the other. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, these surfers know how to have fun in the sun!

'Dawn Patrol'

The 1930 film version of 'Dawn Patrol' starred Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Richard Barthelmass, and David Niven. It was the first sound film, and the dialogue was rather sparse. In 1938, the film was remade, this time with Errol Flynn, Basil Rathbone, and David Niven. If you're interested in the story behind this film, it's a good idea to watch the 1930 version as it lets you see some of the original director's ideas.

In the original movie, the Dawn Patrol was opposed to war with Germany, and thus suffered public relations backlash. However, when war broke out, they helped the RAF in the Battle of Britain and escorted convoys across the Atlantic. Though they suffered heavy losses in the process, this film is filled with heartbreaking scenes of men fighting off the Storm Korps, Germany's elite super soldier cadre. These soldiers, equipped with super powers, made prolonged raids on the British Isles.

'Line up'

'Line up' is the term for the group of people who paddle out to catch the first waves of the day. This group of surfers is concentrated in one place. Depending on the tide, the waves break in a similar location. These spots are known as lineups, and surfers take turns catching waves in these areas. Beach breaks are the most popular locations for lineups, but you can also find point breaks in different locations. Point breaks are harder to catch and have currents.

When surfing, there are three types of waves. Blown out waves are choppy and cold, with a lot of churning and a long line up. The conditions are often not suitable for surfing, and surfers in sharky areas may say it's too dangerous. However, a line up is still a great place to catch a decent wave, especially if the waves are good!


The term 'Grom' is a nickname given to young surfers under the age of fifteen. It comes from grommet or gremmie and refers to any young surfer. Some older surfers use this term as an insult to younger, inexperienced surfers. Today, 'Grom' has become a term of endearment for surfers under the age of fifteen.

Although young surfers are entitled to be cheeky and behave badly, 'Groms' shouldn't jump off harbour walls, skateboard in prohibited areas, and paddle around old people in the line-up. Being cheeky is a divine right in youth, but not in adulthood. So what can a grom do to improve his standing? Read the following article and find out.


In Outer Banks, John B. and his gang refer to themselves as 'Pogues,' the local slang for Menhaden fish. They are also known as 'Koks,' a re-appropriation of a surfing term that was first used years ago. Here's why:

Unlike other types of surfers, 'Koks' surf in the early morning. They get up early in the morning, when the waves are bigger and more consistent. Those who arrive at the beach at this time will be first in the line-up. This way, they can get the best waves, but they will have to wait until they catch enough.


If you have ever wondered why some 'Stalls' in the lineup at your local beach break are called that, you're not alone. Early morning surfers have their own special reason for being early. During the'swell period,' two waves crest at a specific point. The timing of these sets determines the quality of the upcoming surf session.

'Stalls' are the first surfers in the water, often called 'Stalls', because they're often the first ones there. They surf before the other surfers can catch them and sometimes, they even stall out themselves. They also tend to do more advanced maneuvers like barrels, snaps, and shack-tars, which require more advanced surfing skills.

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