AQUA MARINA Touring Kayak

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The Aqua Marina Touring Kayak makes spending time outdoors on the water time that is very well spent. It is crucial to know that when you are kayaking, you are using the best equipment, providing you with a safe and comfortable way to do so. This specific kayak has a sleek and ergonomic design, which makes gliding it through water easy and fun. Check out more of these like this Aqua Marina Kayak River

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Features of the Aqua Marina Touring Kayak

  • Accessories

    ⇨ not only do you get the sturdy, durable kayak, but along with it comes a range of unique accessories which complement the entire kayaking package. These high quality and durable accessories include the following: an air pump, comfortable seat, waterproof bag, rope and fin.
  • Easy to Transport

    ⇨ this kayak is made from the best quality PVC material and is lightweight enough to be easily transportable and affixed to roof racks.
  • Design

    ⇨ the way in which this beautiful one has been designed is to ensure you are getting the most out of your kayaking tour experience. It is slick, making it glide through water with ease, as well as comfortable and not easily damaged, due to the best quality materials used to manufacture it.

Length: 312CM 412CM
Hull Material: PVC
Certification: ce
Capacity (Person): 1-2
Outdoor Activity: Water-skiing
Model Number: Betta HM K0 HM-312/412
size: 312x83CM 412x83CM
weight: 11KG 15KG
package size: 50*25*62CM 53*32*75CM
capacity: 1/2person
material: drop-stitch laminated
accessory: air pump, paddle, seat, bag,fin, rope
model: HM-312 HM-412
type: Sandbeach
Air Chambers: 2+1
Max Payload: 210 lbs (95 kg) 342 lbs (155 kg)

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