UP SURF Surf Wax

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UP SURF Surf Wax is a great cold-water wax, ideal for surfboards as well as paddleboards. It’s crucial that you choose the right one for the water you’re surfing in. Cold-water wax is softer than warm-water wax, for example. If you use warm-water wax in cold water, the wax will become hard and fail to provide much traction. Check out the wax section of our website!

Features of UP SURF Surf Wax

  • Designed for Surfing in Cold Water

    UP SURF Surf Wax is a cold-water wax. Cold water has a temperature below 14 degrees Celsius.
  • High-Quality

    Given how often you need to wax your surfboard (most surfers like to top up their board before each and every session), it’s imperative that you use high-quality wax. That’s what you’ll get with UP SURF Surf Wax.
  • Two for the Price of One

    One of the best things about UP SURF Surf Wax is that it comes with a wax comb, which has a jagged edge and a smooth, straight edge.

Applicable People: Unisex
Type: Surfboards
Outdoor Activity: SURF,Paddling
Model Number: surf wax

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