Are Inflatable Red Paddle Boards Worth It?

July 23, 2022 3 min read

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether you should purchase an inflatable red paddle board or a dedicated one. Compared to an inflatable board, a dedicated board is much easier to carry and store. It also tends to be smaller and less bulky than an inflatable.


One of the greatest features of an Inflatable Red SUP is its portability. You can carry your SUP easily and safely with wheels and backpack straps. Whether you're traveling for work or vacation, this board is great for exploring new destinations. You can also use it for yoga and fitness purposes, making it the perfect travel companion. Listed below are just a few reasons why you should buy an Inflatable Red SUP.

The Red Paddle Co has been manufacturing stand-up paddle boards since 2008. Their specialty is inflating SUPs that are authentically feeling. This innovative technology has allowed the company to come up with features like Rocker Stiffening System, which makes the board stiffer than most other inflatable boards. With this technology, you can ride shorter and achieve faster speeds during a SUP race. It also has a durable deck that will last a long time.

The 11'3 Sport weighs 22 pounds. It features premium MSL/Tec-Air construction and fiberglass rod reinforcements. Its 4.7'' speed tail breaks up water and reduces drag. It also has a 32'' deck and a comfortable hybrid deck pad. The Titan II manual pump inflates the board in less than 5 minutes. It features upgraded features and is available in both black and red color schemes.

Red SUP Vs Red Paddle

While comparing Red SUP vs Red paddle boards, you need to take your weight capacity and length into account. Stability is closely correlated with these three factors, so you should choose a board with the appropriate size. Boards with wide, stable platforms are typically the most stable models. However, there are specialty models available with additional stability features and attachment points. The iRocker Blackfin Model X, for example, has a three-fin set-up, 450-pound weight capacity, and carbon paddle. Other features include an optional kayak seat.

Red SUP Vs Red Padle Boards

Displacement hull paddle boards are similar to kayaks, and are designed to cut through the water and move straight ahead. They are more stable, but do not provide the same level of maneuverability. Displacement hull paddle boards are better for touring and racing, while stability is more important if you are looking to log fitness miles on local waterways. Inflatable SUPs are available with a drop-stitch hull or a hybrid of the two.

The Red Paddle Company is a leader in the inflatable SUP market. Its line has received numerous awards for its innovation, including a patented Titan dual-action pump system and Monocoque Structural Laminate fusion material. It also features an innovative Rocker Stiffening System, which improves performance and makes it easier to paddle faster in the water. Furthermore, iSUPs come with a corresponding repair kit.

Red SUP Vs Red SUP

The Red SUP has long been synonymous with quality, and the company is no different when it comes to its SUP boards. Their Monocoque Structural Laminate Fusion technology results in lightweight, ultra-stiff, and durable boards with no cosmetic blemishes. For added comfort, Red paddle boards have a streamlined design and an embossed Red logo on the deck pad. Additionally, these boards are built to last with features such as an enlarged deck pad that wraps closer to the rails for a more secure grip. Among these features is a new, improved Titan II manual pump with a shoulder strap. It also comes with an awesome all-terrain RPC roller backpack for easy transport and storage.

Red Paddle Co's 10'6 Ride MSL iSUP comes with twin mounded 'iFins', which tuck into a corner of the backpack when not in use. This fin setup makes the boards easier to paddle, and provides a straighter travel than a three-fin arrangement. Although Red Paddle Co claims the fins are flexible and durable, I did find one side of the board to bend during my first use.

The Ride MSL 10'6" from Red Paddle Co is one of the company's best-selling boards, with multiple awards under its belt. This board comes in classic blue and special edition purple. The package comes with a carry backpack, paddle, and backpack and includes a repair kit and bunget leash. The Red SUP is one of the best choices for those looking for a new SUP board.

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