Are There Professional Bodyboarders?

September 20, 2022 3 min read

Bodyboarding has been around for a few decades, but its popularity peaked in the 90s. Today, there are talented athletes from all over the world. Yet, it is becoming an increasingly difficult sport for athlets to earn money and master, and it is also getting harder to get new fans into the fold. We spoke with some of bodyboarding's most passionate veterans to find out more about this sport.

Damian King

Damian King is an Australian professional bodyboarder who has won many world titles. He was the World Bodyboarding Champion twice in 2003 and 2004. In 2011 he won the Dropknee World Tour, making him the first bodyboarder to win a world title in both the prone and dropknee disciplines.

King has won two World Bodyboarding Championships and is the first Australian to do so. King was born in Port Macquarie, Australia, which has a rich bodyboarding history. He has a very versatile shape, and has won multiple titles on the prone, dropknee, and knee-board. He is also very good at stand-up surfing, and has also competed in the sport in the past.

Kingy rose to fame in the bodyboard scene by winning the prone and dropknee world titles in 2003 and 2004. He also stole the hearts of a generation in the movie The Joker. He now exploits his celebrity to promote real estate and other properties on the beach. In recent weeks, he was spotted in Teahupoo.

Pierre-Louis Costes

Pierre-Louis Costes is a French professional bodyboarder who began bodyboarding at a young age. The young bodyboarder's first influences included Pipeline God Mike Stewart and Australian icon Ryan Hardy. After learning the fundamentals of bodyboarding in Morocco, he moved to France to refine his skills. In the late 2000s, Costes' talent exploded onto the world stage and he was runner-up at the 2009 Pipeline. Since 2011, he has ridden for Pride Bodyboards and has won several world championships on his own template.

He is a young man with an ambitious schedule. He travels around the world, competing all year round. At just 22 years old, he has already won eight national titles, two European titles and one IBA world title.

Kainoa Mcgee

Kainoa McGee is a 43-year-old waterman from Hawaii who has competed in multiple sports and is a major figure in the world of surfing. She first won a bodyboard contest at age 10 and became a professional at the age of twelve. Bodyboarding salary is usually not enough. That's why in addition to surfing, she has also acted on Hollywood sets. She also volunteers as a lifeguard for the City & County of Honolulu. She was a part of a crew that helps physically disabled people enter the ocean by paddling.

Kainoa McGee is a powerful and charismatic bodyboarder. She has the skills to ride Pipeline knee-high in heavy conditions. She was Mike Stewart's main rival during his time as world champion, and she pushed him harder than anyone else.

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart is a professional bodyboarder who has a reputation for being one of the best in the world. He started surfing at an early age on stiff wooden boards, and he eventually switched to foam boards. Since then, he has competed almost daily in competitions throughout the country and the world. He has won nine world championships. In the winter, he competes five times.

He has been a world champion bodyboarder for nine consecutive years, and he is known as a pioneer of tow-in surf techniques. He is also a renowned skills master. As a child, Mike Stewart dreamed of riding huge waves. Today, he views waves with a different mindset. He sees them as opportunities to spin and flip. He is an example of an artist who makes the sport more accessible to all levels of athletes.

Josh Kirkman

Josh Kirkman is a former champion bodyboarder from Australia. He is now the CEO of Surfers for Climate, and he hopes that other surfers will understand the impact they are having on the environment. Kirkman believes that surfers are the custodians of our coastline, and he has worked to help others become aware of their impact.

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