What Is a Professional Bodyboarder Salary?

September 20, 2022 3 min read

This article will explain how much money a professional bodyboarder makes and whether they earn less than other sportspeople. You will also learn about the difference between the 'competitive' and 'freesurfing' professional bodies. Depending on your skill level and location, you could earn as much as $200,000 per year.

How Much Does a Professional Bodyboarder Make?

Bodyboarders are known for their daring stunts, including the El Rollo, which involves moving up the face of a wave, rolling into the lip, and landing back on the face. The sport is a combination of athleticism and an analytical mind. Prominent bodyboarders have earned world titles and are known as "Mr. Pipeline" because of their ability to ride any type of wave.

A bodyboarder's income comes in many forms. He can earn a good living by competing in events and competitions. But the prize money is usually not enough to support a full-time lifestyle. While bodyboarding is a sport that requires hard work and dedication, few pro bodyboarders make a full-time living by competing. As a result, many bodyboarders are forced to find alternative ways to earn money.

As a sport, bodyboarding has experienced rapid growth. While its origins were in the United States, the sport has spread worldwide, with strongholds in Australia, South America, the Canary Islands, and South Africa. The sport has evolved into different forms and disciplines, including extreme wave riding.

The IBC is the bodyboard world tour. It will take over from the APB in 2020. APB will be a riders' union and airing room for athletes competing on the world tour. The IBC, on the other hand, will run the bodyboard world tour at a fraction of the World Surf League budget.

The Existence of 'Freesurfing' Professionals Versus 'Competitive' Professionals

When looking at the bodyboarding industry, it is often difficult to discern the difference between 'freesurfing' and 'competitive' professionals. While competitive bodyboarders spend their dollars chasing swells and building their reputations in the surfing world, the freesurfers tend to focus on pursuing a lifestyle.

There are also varying styles and niches within the bodyboarding community. The Egg, for example, is a longboard-style shortboard targeted at people who want to learn the sport but need more paddle power. The Fish, meanwhile, is a shorter board with a split tail, or swallow tail, that is designed for smaller waves. The Gun, on the other hand, is a long, thick board that is primarily used for big waves. In fact, Praia do Norte is one of the world's largest waves.

The AWB competitions, meanwhile, have a strong competitive side. Many competitors from around the world compete for world titles, including open men, under-18 boys, and girls. Several professional bodyboarders take part in the event, including Iain McConnell, who is widely considered one of the best and the man to beat in the competitive bodyboarding world.

Competitive bodyboarding has been evolving in the past few years. Professionals in the sport have begun using social media to prove their worth to sponsors. With this increased popularity, the sport has morphed into a legitimate career path.

The Differences Between Competitive and 'Competitive' Professionals

The competitive and 'competitive' bodyboarding salary levels are vastly different. While freesurfers spend money on chasing swells, competitive bodyboarders must compete on the world tour. While the competition is fierce, prize money is scarce.

Competitive bodyboarding has struggled over the past decade. It hasn't been a lucrative activity for years, with only a few early champions and bodyboard superstars building their careers around the sport. Unfortunately, the International Surfing Association, which governs surfing, pulled the plug on professional bodyboarding in 2010.

Bodyboard manufacturers and brands control over 90% of the bodyboard market. They should channel a portion of the money from bodyboard sales toward prize money, contest structures, online streaming, and sponsoring athletes. These athletes help promote the sport and sell bodyboards, and without them, the industry will fade away.

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders is a riders' union that represents bodyboarders on the world tour. It is part of the International Olympic Committee. The IBC is led by a team of Latin-American riders with a goal to influence the sport in local communities where world tour events take place. Its mission is to help bodyboarding become more competitive, while simultaneously bringing positive change to the industry.

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