Can I Carry a Wakeboard on a Bike As Luggage?

September 16, 2022 3 min read

You can take your bike as luggage, but you need to make sure you check it with the airline. Electric bicycles are considered dangerous goods, and they must be sent via cargo. Taking your bicycle as luggage will not cost you extra money for luggage, but you will have to ask ahead of time. Other things to check: fishing rods and dive gear are considered luggage, and they need to be packed in a hard case bag.

Taking a Bicycle As a Luggage

Taking a bicycle as luggage for carrying a wakeboard may be a convenient and cost-effective way to transport the wakeboard. Some people prefer using backpacks instead of wakeboard bags. Airlines generally do not charge extra for bicycles, but some will. When traveling with a bicycle, you can also save on shipping fees.

When taking a bicycle as luggage, make sure it is non-motorized and that it has one seat. It should be packed in a hard-sided box, and must fit within the dimensions of a normal checked-in bag. The bicycle should be protected by wrapping it in padding or other protective materials, and you may want to invest in a hard case.

If you choose to take a bicycle as luggage, make sure you leave enough time for traveling. It may take some time to check it in, and you may need to use another form of transportation to reach the airport. In many large airports, there are rolling luggage carts that can accommodate a bike box. If your bike is too large for the cart, you can use the handles of your bike box to push it through the airport.

When choosing the right airline for your trip, check the airline's baggage policy. Some airlines allow bicycles to be carried as luggage, but others may charge you a hefty fee per kilo. You can also consider using a hard case or cardboard box to protect your bike while traveling. You can also ship the bicycle, but this can be expensive.

Checked Baggage

Bicycles, wakeboards, and other sporting equipment can be checked as checked baggage. However, they must be packed in a hard-sided container, which must fit within the dimensions of the typical checked bag. These items must also be adequately protected, and their weight should not exceed 50 pounds.

Some airlines charge a fee for checked luggage. However, some airlines offer reduced fees for boarders. For example, United Airlines no longer charges $150 or $200 to check surfboards and paddleboards. Similarly, Southwest Airlines offers a $75 fee for some equipment.

Surfboards, water skis, and wakeboards must be packed and stowed properly to prevent damage to other luggage. The keels and fins of water sports equipment must be removed. Customers should also sign a limited release bag tag when checking the board as checked baggage. It's also important to note that, if the board exceeds the free baggage allowance, it will be subject to an excess baggage fee.

If you're checking luggage for a wakeboard on a bike, you'll need to pack it in a protective container. Many sports equipment will not fit into the standard dimensions. Typically, checked baggage limits are 50 pounds and 62 inches in length. This means that you need to pack your wakeboard in a case that's sturdy and durable.


When you're traveling with a wakeboard, you may be wondering, "Can I carry a wakeboard on a bike as luggage?" Yes, but it's important to pack it properly protect it. If you're flying on a commercial airline, make sure to pack your wakeboard in appropriate board bags. You'll also want to consider the size and weight limits for your bicycle.

First, check with the airline you're flying with. Most airlines allow you to take a bicycle on the plane, but there are certain restrictions. You may be charged a fee. Airlines such as Lufthansa do not charge extra for bicycles, but you should be aware that some airlines do not allow you to bring more than one per person.

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