What Additional Equipment Do I Need for Wakeboarding?

September 16, 2022 3 min read

There are several pieces of equipment that are essential for wakeboarding. Some of these items include a Wetsuit, Life jacket, and Helmet. Other equipment that you may purchase includes a storage rack and mirror. Some companies even make towers that are designed to house the equipment.


If you want the best wetsuit or shirt for wakeboarding, you need to look for one made of neoprene. This material is stretchy and waterproof. It also protects your hands and feet. In case you are riding in cold water, it is best to choose a suit with a double layer of neoprene.

Wetsuits for wakeboarding can be bought from different brands. The leading brands make wetsuits made from quality neoprene that lasts for long. They also offer better flexibility and heat retention than cheaper suits. However, you should be aware of the fact that cheaper wetsuits can be damaged by UV rays.

It is recommended to try several different brands to find the perfect fit. If you're not sure of your size, try on a couple of suits to find out which one fits best. Make sure the suit fits properly and is comfortable. A wetsuit with a tight fit can restrict movement, so make sure to wear one that is a bit looser than usual.


Helmets are an important wakeboarding accessory because they protect the head from serious head injuries. Wakeboarding helmets have come a long way in recent years and have many features that keep you safe during wakeboarding. Some helmets feature a water-resistant liner and an inner foam liner to maximize ventilation and absorb impact energy. Helmets come in many colors and styles to suit your taste.

A wakeboarding helmet comes in many styles and sizes and is suited for a variety of water sports. The helmet's hard shell fits snugly around the head, absorbing impacts to varying degrees. Some models even come with detachable ear protectors. Some also have places to attach other gear.

Life Jacket

When it comes to choosing a life jacket for wakeboarding, you need to be sure that you choose one that is made specifically for this type of water sport. The top brands make these vests and feature innovative technology and engineering. They're so advanced that they may have even been designed by extraterrestrials.

You should consider buying one that has the USCG approval. A USCG approved wakeboarding life jacket is extremely durable and comfortable. Its design allows it to give the wearer more mobility while wakeboarding. Be aware, however, that a lightweight life jacket can compromise your safety. Always make sure that the life jacket is USCG-approved before purchasing one.

Choose the right size for your body type. Wakeboarding life jackets are designed to be form-fitting, and come in a variety of sizes. There are models for men, women, and children. Make sure that you buy the correct size by following the manufacturer's sizing chart. It is essential to buy the correct size as wearing an incorrectly sized life jacket could result in discomfort or even broken buckles.

Storage Rack

If you own a wakeboarding or wakesurfing boat, you need a storage rack to protect your wakeboards. Leaving your boards lying on the deck will cause them to get damaged. A rack will protect your boards from unnecessary wear and tear, and it maximizes deck space. Wakeboard racks are adjustable and allow you to store multiple boards. They are made of heavy-duty steel, and are easy to set up.

Wakeboard racks are designed to hold two to six wakeboards. They come in a variety of sizes and can be mounted on the wall or outside the water. Pro Board Racks' wall-mounted racks have foam padding to protect the boards from damage, and they come with pre-drilled mounting hardware for quick and easy mounting.


Mirrors are an important accessory for wakeboarding and can increase safety while you are out on the water. Whether you are riding a tube or a slalom ski, you can see what you are doing more clearly when you have a mirror mounted on your wakeboard or ski.

A mirror can make your ride safer, and they can also make your boat driver more aware. The mirror will help the driver know where you are on the wakeboard or ski and allow you to react faster if you need to. In addition, a mirror will allow you to observe your towline.

Mirrors can be mounted on a wakeboard tower or attached to a boat windshield. Having a mirror on your wakeboard tower will allow you to see in low light conditions without taking your hands off the rudder. You can carry mirrors with wakeboard on a bike. You can also purchase lights for your wakeboard, which will allow you to see when the sun is too low. LED lights are a good option, as they use less energy than halogen lights.

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