Can I Wear Sneakers While Kayaking?

June 15, 2022 4 min read

If you want to wear sneakers while kayaking, you will probably get soaked. The best footwear for kayaking is water shoes or sandals. Sneakers absorb a lot of water, and they will be heavier when they are wet. Wet sneakers can drag you down the kayak. Also, socks that cover your ankles may cause blisters. Flip flops or sandals without heel straps are also not the best choice for kayaking, because they will fall off easily.

Shoes For Kayaking

There are many different types of kayak shoes available. Some are barefoot, while others are designed with extra padding. Regardless of the type of footwear you choose, you will need a comfortable pair that will protect your feet. For example, the Bodyglove 3T Barefoot has a special design that places the toes in separate spaces. This unique feature helps your feet stay cool and comfortable throughout your kayaking adventure. A good pair of kayak shoes will protect your ankles from sharp rocks and have a durable bottom. A pair of kayaking shoes will also come with elastic shoelaces so you can customize the fit.

While choosing a pair of shoes, consider your budget. You may be on a tight budget, and an entry-level shoe won't offer much support. Or you may want to invest in a pair of durable shoes that can withstand rough terrain. Whatever you decide to spend on a pair of kayaking shoes, be sure to keep your feet comfortable as you paddle through the water. You don't want to end up with painful blisters!

Clothing For Kayaking

Clothing for kayaking has many similarities to clothing for other outdoor activities, with the added factor of water. The main factors to consider when planning your kayaking wardrobe include your comfort level and warmth levels. This guide will help you make the best choice of kayaking clothing. A kayaker's wardrobe should include a variety of layers that provide insulation and comfort. A variety of colours, styles, and materials is available, so there is sure to be something to suit your preferences.

The bottom layer must be comfortable and quick-drying, and the jacket should be warm and not too tight. Board shorts or comfortable, quick-dry pants are ideal. It's advisable to avoid super-thin fabrics as they aren't designed to resist shifting. Instead, opt for warm synthetic mid-layers such as a fleece jacket. This is ideal for winter paddleboarding as it protects your skin against chilly winds and keeps you warm while paddling.


Wetsuits for kayaking are necessary for a number of reasons. The water can be cold and your body temperature can rise, so you'll want to buy a wetsuit that keeps you warm without being too bulky. Make sure that you get the right size, because your wetsuit should fit snugly around your body without pinching or chafing. A wetsuit that is too big may leave loose parts or cause flushing, as water from the cold water pushes the warm layer out.

A good-quality wetsuit is designed to fit snugly against your body, without pinching any parts. Make sure it fits well in your neck and arms, and do not hang down too low. A good-fitting wetsuit will keep you dry and comfortable and prevent you from feeling cold even during the coldest kayaking days. Here are some features to look for in a wetsuit:


If you're thinking about taking up kayaking, you've probably wondered, CAN I wear sunglasses? Here are some tips to make sure your new sunglasses are comfortable and durable. Choose sunglasses with a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Pay attention to the points of contact, such as the temples and nose pads, when choosing a pair. The materials used in the frames are important as well. If properly maintained, metal and plastic sunglasses should last for many years.

Choose sunglasses with a water-resistant material. These are usually made of plastic, bamboo, or composites. They also feature a hydrophobic coating. This treatment weakens the surface tension of the lens, which allows excess water to drain away and turn into tiny droplets. These coatings can be applied with a spray. If you choose to purchase a pair of floatable sunglasses, ensure that they are easy to remove once they are in the water.


Despite their common appearance, can I wear sneakers kayaking? The answer depends on the level of activity you plan to pursue. A semi-serious kayaking trip might not be the best idea, because sneakers could get caught on the rudder controls. They're also uncomfortable and may cause water intake, making them an unsuitable choice for kayaking. Fortunately, there are casual water shoes for kayaking that look like sneakers, but are made specifically for water sports.

Touring shoes are designed for longer trips and are usually made of durable materials. Touring shoes feature thick rubber soles for great traction and protection against sharp objects. Kayaking shoes are available at most kayak stores and online retailers. Waterproof socks are also recommended. Alternatively, you can wear crocs as water shoes. They'll keep you dry and warm during the kayaking adventure. You can also purchase shoes made of rubber that can serve as water shoes.

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