Do You Wear a Bathing Suit to Kayak?

June 15, 2022 4 min read

The question "Do you wear a bathing suit to kayak?" has prompted a number of interesting discussions. Wetsuits are the most popular choice, allowing a thin layer of water to fill the space between your body and the foam material. As the water warms up due to your body temperature, it keeps you insulated. Drysuits, on the other hand, have waterproof zippers and wrist seals that keep you completely dry.


If you're planning a kayaking adventure, you'll need a waterproof wetsuit. Kayaking wetsuits should offer protection for your entire body and minimize general wear and tear. Most are designed with seamless armholes and ankles, and have paddling-specific joint articulation. Choose the right wetsuit for your needs. Buying the right wetsuit for your kayaking adventure can make all the difference.

Make sure that your wetsuit fits well. Your wetsuit should fit snugly without pinching or chafing you. Make sure the torso of your wetsuit fits properly, as a baggy torso will allow water to pool and get into your body. The neck opening should be small enough to avoid splashing and flushing, but not too small. Whether you want a front or back entry zipper is up to you.

Changing Robes

Changing robes are designed with comfort and warmth in mind. Most robes are made of a waterproof outer layer and feature thermal lining. You can purchase waterproof, windproof, or fleece-lined ones, as well as hooded and fleece-lined ones. Depending on the type of kayak, you can choose a robe with hoods, a pocket, or both.

Changing robes can range from under $40 to $150, depending on the type of material and how many layers are worn. A cheaper option may come without a hood and pockets, but will do the job for quick and easy changes. Cheap robes don't protect you from the elements, nor will they keep you warm. As long as you can find a robe that fits comfortably, Voited has a robe that will meet your needs.

Changing Shirts

Changing shirts when going to Kayak is crucial to keep you comfortable while you're in the water. Cotton clothing will absorb moisture and dries slowly, making it heavy, clammy, and cold. Not only will your children be miserable, they may suffer from hypothermia as well. The best solution to this problem is to purchase a changing robe. Voited makes some of the best changing robes on the market.

When planning for a kayaking trip, it's important to know the weather conditions and water temperature before you leave. You'll want to wear a drysuit, if possible, if the water is cold. A wetsuit's insulation will cease to function when the water temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also purchase kayak-specific clothing online. Changing shirts when going to Kayak should be a priority for any outdoor activity. Also, If you want to wear sneakers while kayaking, you will probably get soaked. The best footwear for kayaking is water shoes or sandals. 


Regardless of the type of water you're about to enter, rashguards are an essential piece of protective clothing. These layers of protection are often made of spandex, nylon, or neoprene, and offer both sun protection and thermal protection. A rash guard can also help prevent the formation of rash from repetitive movement or rough surfaces. This article will discuss why rash guards are so important for Kayak enthusiasts.

The most important thing to remember when choosing rash guards is that they provide UV protection. The material of rash guards is usually made of lycra/spandex, which is quick-drying and comfortable even when it is wet. Rashguards are also designed to keep kayakers cool, which is critical in hot summers. For those who choose not to use rashguards, they can also be worn under their wetsuits to avoid chaffing.

Long-Sleeved Fishing Shirt

When kayaking in summer, many people opt to wear a bathing suit as their base layer. However, it's important to choose the right kind of material for the season and wear something that's moisture-wicking rather than cotton. Thermals are also suitable for winter kayaking as long as they are breathable and wick away moisture. For all-year-round use, lightweight compression shirts are ideal as a base layer. They can be worn alone or as part of a layer system, depending on the season.

While you can wear a swimsuit while kayaking in any season, you'll want to wear a bathing suit during whitewater rapids. This will keep you from getting too cold, and you can stay comfortable in your kayak cabin by wearing swimsuit bottoms. You can also wear sunglasses or a fishing hat while kayaking in sunny weather. In addition to these essentials, you'll also want to keep in mind the season.

Sun Hat

When kayaking in warm weather, most people opt for a bathing suit as a base layer. When kayaking in the winter, it is important to wear thermals or other warm clothes. Thermals are ideal for kayaking in colder temperatures, but make sure to pick lightweight, breathable fabric. A lightweight long sleeve compression shirt is an excellent base layer year-round. It is breathable and can be worn alone in summer for UV protection or under a coat or jacket for warmth.

A hat is also a good choice, providing shade as well as protection from UV rays. A hat with a chin strap is highly recommended, since it can easily get lost in the water. A beanie is also an excellent choice in colder weather, while a waterproof jacket with hood is recommended for those with active lifestyles. If you do decide to wear a bathing suit, remember to use a hat leash or hat strap to hold it in place.

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