Can You Surf In Surf Trunks?

May 31, 2022 3 min read

Whether you surf in surf trunks or surfboard shorts, the right type of clothing for the situation depends on your needs. A swim trunk provides extra coverage for thrashing waves, sand, and surfboards, while a board short is form-fitting and unlined. Board shorts are usually faster drying than swim trunks, and some even have built-in anti-chafing protection.

Board Shorts Provide Extra Coverage Against Thrashing Waves, Sand and Surfboards

Surfboards are a big part of the surfing lifestyle, so it makes sense to wear the right kind of board shorts. Surfboard shorts are typically made of nylon or polyester. They may have a variety of closures, such as snaps and zippers, to keep your board secure. Whether you prefer a classic or more contemporary design, there's a board short out there for you.

Unlike swimsuits, board shorts extend below the knee to protect against the sun and sand. While some shorts are short and come below the knee, longer ones provide more coverage in case of a wipeout. Also, they are more breathable than swim trunks, and the extra length prevents surf wax from staining the surfer's legs.

They are Unlined

Can you surf in swim trunks? It depends. Board shorts are a good choice, but you must be careful to ensure that they fit properly. Unlike swim trunks, they do not have elastic waistbands. Instead, they feature a drawstring closure and are unlined. Most surfers go au naturel under their board shorts, while other surfers wear compression shorts or swim briefs.

A good pair of swim trunks should be water-resistant. This means that they can stand up to sweat. You should also look for smooth, flat seams. Otherwise, you may be chafed. Fully elastic waistbands and an internal drawstring are good features. Most men want a pair with a pocket, and fashion designer Billy Reid recommends back and side pockets. A wide variety of colors and patterns is available, making it easy to find the perfect pair.

They are Formfitting Like Briefs

In many ways, swim briefs and swim trunks are the same thing. Both types are comfortable and form-fitting, but the style of swimwear depends on your personal preference. Some people prefer boxers, while others prefer the form-fitting feel of trunks. Either way, it's great to have a choice when it comes to the type of swimwear you choose. In addition to being comfortable, swim trunks and briefs are also more versatile than you might think.

Many modern swim trunks are more form-fitting than their predecessors. In general, they sit about two inches above the knee, which flatters most body types. They also feature mesh inner panels to keep dreaded junk where you want it. Men wearing trunks with a dick-picture-worthy waistline make most women uncomfortable. Instead, choose a style that is more modest and flattering to your shape.

They are Ideal for Strenuous Athletic Activity

Swim trunks are comfortable for lulling and lounging, with mid-thigh to knee-length hemlines. They typically dry faster than board shorts, but the drawbacks of swim trunks are a narrower waistband and mesh insert that may feel constrictive or catch on debris. They also look like swimwear, with slim-fitting legs that don't ride up.

They are Comfortable

Whether you're in the water for laps or surfing for long periods of time, swimming in swim trunks is a comfortable and stylish option. The extra length and zip fly on board shorts offer added flexibility, while swim trunks have an elastic waistband for added support and comfort. Both styles are equally comfortable and easy to wear - and will keep you dry and comfortable in the water!

Ten Thousand is a brand of swim shorts made by a former collegiate swimmer at the University of Rhode Island. These shorts feature a quick-drying, nylon fabric and are fitted to fit a woman's figure perfectly. The shorts feature a slim waistband and are chlorine resistant. They feature a breathable, quick-drying liner and a pocket for your cell phone.

They are Water-Ready

When it comes to finding a quality pair of swim trunks, the best brands are the ones that are made of water-ready material. Bather, for example, creates a line of swim trunks made of recycled ocean debris. These swim trunks feature mesh lining, side seam pockets, and back pockets with a drainage grommet. Whether you're looking for a new pair of trunks or a new style, Amazon Essentials has you covered.

Whether you want water-ready trunks that look good in the water or one that cover your bum, these men's trunks should be made with smooth, flat seams and stitching to prevent chafing. Fully elastic waists and tie closures are also important. Most men will want at least one pocket. For extra storage, fashion designer Billy Reid recommends a pair of trunks with front and back pockets.

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