3 Reasons Why Men's Shorts Have Netting

May 31, 2022 3 min read

Mesh lining provides coverage and helps prevent the shorts from clinging to the skin. The mesh also promotes faster drying. This is the reason why shorts with mesh lining are often breathable and comfortable. But, why are men's shorts made with netting? Let's find out. This article will cover three reasons why men's shorts have netting.

Mesh Lining Protects Against Clinging to Skin

In recent years, there has been a rash of reported injuries from swimming suits with mesh linings. A report by the Medical Facilities Network of Japan (PIO-NET) revealed that two incidents happened in the same fiscal year. In 2006, the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan shared information on similar incidents. The Consumer Affairs Agency and the Japan Pediatric Society issued a warning about mesh-lined swimsuits.

The purpose of mesh lining is to provide optimum coverage against clinging to the body, which helps maintain modesty. The lining also prevents fabric from chaffing the skin and making the swimmer uncomfortable. The fabric also breathes, allowing the body to remain cool even when the mesh lining clings to skin. To learn more about the benefits of mesh lining for swimwear, click on the link below.

Enhances Coverage Factor

The fit of men's shorts is not based on the height of the wearer. In addition to height, it's important to consider the length of the legs, leg width, and torso length to find the right pair. The length of the shorts' inseam (the part of the shorts that cover the legs) should be about 10 inches or more. Longer inseams elongate the legs of men with husky builds, while too short shorts make men look shorter.

Provides Additional Comfort

If you are looking for men's shorts that provide additional comfort, look no further than the Baleaf shorts. These shorts come in a range of sizes and include features normally found on more expensive pairs. They feature a drawcord waistband and a zippered back pocket that is perfect for storing your mobile phone. There is also an unlined version available if you would like to avoid the drawstrings.

Stretchy shorts offer UV protection and moisture-wicking fabric. The shorts are cut to fit just above the knee and come in primary neutral colors. Stretchy shorts make them suitable for wearing in and out of the gym. These men's shorts are easier to dress up and feel fashionable than many other pairs. They are available in men's sizes small to extra large. They are made from a lightweight four-way stretch knit that keeps you dry and odor-free.

Safety During Surfing

There are a few things that you need to consider for your safety while surfing. Surfing shorts should not have side pockets, as they could fill with water if you're not careful. Your best bet would be a pair with only a butt pocket. If you're on a budget, check out Patagonia, Birdwell, Vissla, or other responsible consumption brands.

Board shorts are another popular option. Some male surfers choose to go shirtless, while others prefer to wear boardshorts and swim trunks underneath. These men's shorts are typically quick-dry, stitchless, and stretchy, though they can drag on the thighs. For additional warmth, consider purchasing a wetsuit. Wetsuits are made of neoprene and can be worn under men's shorts.

The sun is intense in the ocean, and wearing proper clothing can prevent nasty burns and rash. Remember to wear UPF-protecting men's shorts so you can stay dry. You should also wear rash guards for extra protection from the sun. Cheap rash guards will not protect you against UV rays. They tend to cling to the skin and allow the sun to pass through.

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