Choosing Which Fins for Snorkeling?

May 23, 2022 3 min read

When deciding which fins to get for your snorkeling excursions, you'll want to make sure that they fit properly. Fins are generally sized by shoe size, from XS to XXL. You can also choose from full foot fins or open heel fins. Choosing between full foot fins and open heel fins is easy once you know the size of your foot.

Choosing Between Power and Ease of Kicking

When it comes to snorkeling, choosing between power and ease of kicking can be a big decision. While shorter fins are easier to kick with, long fins will generate more thrust per kick. But if you're a weak swimmer, long fins will be more difficult to use. In addition, long fins are also more cumbersome to pack and carry. Consider the conditions of the swimming area and determine which type of fin is best for you.

Split and hinged fins provide good propulsion when flutter kicking. When the two parts of the fins separate, a vortex is created which funnels water forward. However, split fins are not as powerful as bladed fins. Split fins reduce stress on the legs and back, but they make reverse finning more difficult. If you're a power snorkeler, split fins might be your best choice.

Open-Heel vs. Closed-Heel Design

When choosing a fin, open-heel vs. closed-heel design can be a confusing choice for both new and experienced snorkelers. The main difference between open-heel and closed-heel fins is the design of the foot pocket. Open-heel fins have an adjustable strap that runs over the heel, while closed-heel fins have a full foot pocket.

Open-heel fins are more comfortable and flexible than closed-heel ones. They can be worn barefoot with no additional padding, but they can chafe the strap. Closed-feel fins, also known as full-foot fins or barefoot fins, can be worn with thin neoprene socks.


While choosing your snorkeling fins, keep in mind that not all of them are made the same. This is especially true if you have a problem fitting them. A physical store is your best bet if you don't mind getting some fitting advice. However, ordering online isn't the same thing as trying them on and fitting them. And if they don't fit properly, you can't return them right away.

The costs of snorkeling fins for beginners can run anywhere from $20 to over $80 US dollars. The price range is dependent on factors like the blade length, materials, and overall design. If you're only snorkeling occasionally, renting is a better option. The price range isn't set in stone, so be sure to shop around before making a final decision. This way, you'll know whether you can afford to spend the money on snorkeling fins.


The size of your snorkeling fins will affect their comfort and fit. They should fit snugly on your feet and not slip off during swims. A pair that is too loose will cause blisters and uncomfortable chafing on your feet. If they're too tight, they may not feel secure and may slip off. Make sure you try them on barefoot before buying them. It's important to make sure that they don't rub your feet or pinch your ankles while you're swimming.

Fin sizes are often misleading. While some fin sizes are listed as one shoe size, they can range from two to three sizes! So, if your shoe size is 9, you may find your toes poking out of the fin pocket. If that happens, it's time to switch to a different pair of fins. Always be sure to match your fin size with your shoe size. Don't let price fool you, though. Fins are made of durable polymers and are not as forgiving as tennis shoes.


If you are considering purchasing a snorkeling mask, you are probably confused about the best brand to choose. While many brands produce good masks, some have been around for many years. Some of the best brands for snorkeling masks are Oceanic, Vaincre, Tribord Easybreath, and Octobermoon. These brands pay special attention to safety and quality. So, if you are not sure what brand to buy, you can safely choose a product from those brands.

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