What are Split Fins?

May 23, 2022 3 min read

Split fins are out of fashion right now. Many dive instructors use frog or scissor kicks, and professional divers want a tough fin that can withstand the rigors of the water. Currently, SplitFins are only recommended by experienced divers and dive centres. They have their limitations, but are a good option for some. Atomic Aquatics sells 'Smoke on the Water' SplitFins.

Atomic Aquatics

Atomic Splitfins are a lightweight, flexible fin designed to mimic the design of a live shark's wing. This type of fin reduces drag and air consumption while increasing thrust and responsiveness. The blades are made of a proprietary blend of multi-composite plastics and are crafted with a stainless steel corrosion resistant spring. Splitfins can be slipped on and off easily, and the dual-material design allows for a custom-fitted wing shape.

The Atomic SplitFin works with multiple kicking styles, including rapid flutter kicking and smaller, more frequent flutter kicks. A flutter kick keeps the legs within the slipstream of the body and punches a hole in the water the size of a fish's tank or shoulder. This design minimizes drag and effort while increasing efficiency and speed. Atomic SplitFins are made with the latest, highest-quality materials and feature the Atomic-exclusive patented Propeller-Fin Technology.

Nature's Wing

Designed for streamlined movement, the Oceanic V-16 Vortex is 30% faster than conventional fins, requiring less energy to swim the same distance. Designed with patented Nature's Wing technology, Talaria delivers maximum propulsion with minimal effort and unparalleled underwater maneuverability. The split-fin design reduces drag while allowing water to drain between the two blades. Features include rubber flex channels and adjustable quick release buckles.

The split fin design offers greater thrust area, resulting in faster speed and more efficient underwater swimming. The split fin's wing design twists when performing a flutter kick, creating a pressure differential across the fin. Water flows from high-pressure side to low-pressure side, funneling through the central split. Split fins are highly effective at converting the energy of a kick into propulsion. While most fins have similar wing shapes and function, SplitFins offer more thrust area and are much more effective in transferring the energy of a kick into propulsion.

As mentioned, a common complaint about paddle fins is their high resistance. Paddle fins are better for precise movement and maneuverability. Many SCUBA divers prefer to dive close to the seafloor, close to rock formations and coral. They can also be useful in confined spaces. Practiced divers can control their position with subtle ankle movements and unique kicks. Split fins can only respond to more extreme motions.


If you're looking for a good split fin that doesn't break the bank, consider purchasing one of the Verus Split Fins. These fins feature Power Rails, which are extremely resilient. Each time you kick, they store energy and release it when you land. They also feature Semi-Ridged Flex Battens, which control the shape of the wing while minimizing drag. Despite the split fin's versatility, there's a drawback to the fin: it's not as versatile as other kicks. It's also prone to being marketed like a snake oil salesman. That's no laughing matter, because we're all human.

Split Fins are a great option for people with a variety of physical challenges, including cramping, injuries, weak ankles, and back problems. In addition to helping individuals with these conditions enjoy the sport, they are easy to use and provide a comfortable fit. Plus, many divers find them easy to use and don't need to have a lot of strength. If you're a beginner, a pair of these could be the perfect solution.

Split Fins are great for beginners. They allow the swimmer to channel water into their board while reducing drag and increasing thrust. They also make it easier to kick and reduce fatigue. If you're new to paddleboarding, you might want to choose one of these fins. You can save yourself a lot of trial and error by choosing a pair that's right for your body type. Once you've tried on the Verus Split Fins, you'll never go back to using a traditional fin.

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